Abrupt Climate Change...the Fuel for Rapid Evolutionary Growth

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The mind struggles with rapid changes to reality. Like when the Twin Towers went down, and how they went down, by controlled demolition. It was just so shocking as to render them incredible, even though you'd witnessed it with your own eyes. Awakening people work to unwind the attachments and normalise in the new truth. However, the vast majority simply look right past the blindingly obvious, because they can't cope with the very idea of it. It's the same now with the effects of abrupt climate change - some are so outstandingly shocking, that the mind struggles to cope. But it's vital evolving people work with the truth, so as to steadily unravel attachment to the old reality. It's the essential fuel of Ascension...

Playing along with the Theatre

The mind likes to form fixed reality models it can cope with. It's purpose is to weave the threads of consciousness together into a reality construct it can make sense of. It forms the 'garment' through which to experience and explore karma - the very reason we are here.

    This natural phenomenon has been greatly exacerbated in modern times by an almost complete disconnect by society from the natural flow of life (to me this was done purposefully by a controlling Interdimensional Intervention). Technology has so distracted, and so invested, the mind into highly attached behavioural loops and existential dependence.

Thus if there are any sudden changes to reality, the mind seriously struggles to cope. My example of the Twin Towers is point in question. It was so clearly a rigged demolition (check youtube for building 7, which wasn't even hit by anything). The collapse was so shocking, the aftermath so overwhelming directed (resulting in invasion of the middle east), that for many it would be practically impossible for the ego to challenge the intentionally misdirecting official view put forward...

    "If the powers-that-be were capable of that,
    what does that say about the entirety of the reality I'm invested in?"

The mind/ego can't cope, so it plays along with the theatre.

"Climate Change Deniers become an Endangered Species"

My analogy could be applied very similarly to the effects of abrupt, dramatic climate change, where the rapid collapse of the Twin Towers metaphors so well the accelerating collapse of the earth's biosphere. Like for example Arctic and Antarctic sea ice.

The situation in the Arctic has become so perilous, that within the next couple of years, if not already, it will be without summer sea ice (An Arctic without Ice?). It's a simple statement to make. Yet like the Twin Towers, unless you dive right into the reality of it, egoic mind could simply pass it over. It's just too much to digest.

    It's essential to take note of because the Artic ice is sitting over a 50 Gigaton 'bomb' of permafrost methane, which has 25 times the warming effect of CO2, and unlike it's fossil fuel cousin, begins to act immediately. Once released, it would likely shift global temperatures up by a couple of degrees above the all important pre-industrial base-line. And that, would have a phenomenal affect on the worlds climate, challenging our ability to grow essential food stuffs like grain for example.

Plenty of climate change denyiers (who in themselves are dying out so fast they're becoming an endangered species!) have claimed past rises in Antarctic sea ice suggests there's no overall global warming effect. Well now scientists have very recently shown that BOTH the Arctic AND the Antartic sea ice levels are at record lows, with an area the size of India recently melting away...UK's Independent

In fact the problem is so extreme, the melting so rapid, that the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has said that the term "glacier", which means 'a slow pace', should be redefined to mean 'rapidly diminishing'...Arctic temperatures have hit levels last seen a ridiculously long time ago

    Just stop for one moment in case the mind missed the main point...
    "an area of sea ice the size of India has recently melted away".

As below so above

Everything that happens in the lower 3D realm is interrelated with the higherdimensional flow - even if society (for a limited period of time) has created a resistant eddy current in the flow. Right now, there have been huge influxes of higher dimensional energy, to begin to unwind the old 3D reality more rapidly - to get the 5D Shift cogs really turning. That's why my intuition is spiked by the huge ice sheet melt. The timing is so synchronous that I simply know the realigning shift is speaking to all those who would listen.

Witnessing the synchronicity is vitally important to your evolution, because everything is of consciousness, nothing is truly separate. What this means is that if your egoic mind is still attached to the old reality, or if there is unconscious denial of the shifts taking place ("it's just too big to cope with") then you won't be able to ascend out of the old consciousness - it'll keep pulling you back.

The key is to be so totally tuned into the truth of what's taking place, that you then test your reactive tightness to it. What are your greatest fears about collapse of the bisophere - the old 3D reality? Because it is these very fears that continue to subjugate you as the small "I".

So you have to get right into your fears and resistances to 'normalise' with them. You become so as-one in them that you literally become The One through them. Check out the Breakthrough Approach shared in this video...

The fuel for rapid evolutionary growth

So rapid change is upon us now. The influx of higher dimensional energy will accelerate things. It means an ever increasing breakdown of the old reality. You cannot rely upon today being just as it was yesterday. When you think about it, this can be so amazingly liberating - your consciousness becomes less and less held in the illusionary limiting bubble of the past.

As your fears bubble to the surface like Arctic methane, you can work into, and through them. The expansion on the other side is literally cosmic -
you become your Cosmic Self.

That's the massive opportunity that exists before us right now. That's why its so important to stay tuned in to these rapid reality changes. It becomes the fuel for your accelerating evolutionary growth.

What are your fears? What are your concerns? What's your soul's yearning? Do share, it helps to process.


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I'm paying attention to synchronicity as I read your article, Open. My daughter shared a children's story with me yesterday about a lonely, little girl who makes friends with a Snow Cat. They share great fun and joy as they play together in the cold, wintry outdoors. One day the little girl brings Snow Cat indoors where a warm fire crackles in the living room. They fall asleep on the couch and sadly Snow Cat melts away. But the little girl finds comfort in connecting with his spirit as he morphs into the shape of a frozen pond.

My daughter cried over the death of Snow Cat. I was profoundly moved by the story and told her I wanted to re-write the ending so Snow Cat would magically transform into Earth Cat and stay with the little girl.

Reading this article today about rapid climate change and the death of Arctic Ice, I am reminded, once again, that 3D reality is rapidly melting away. I know it's time to let go of Snow Cat, my attachments to my loveys forever in my heart, and life as we know it in 3D. It's time to shape-shift and ascend to a higher world. Still 'n all, my sorrow runs deep, right down to my bones, so I'm going to have a good cry or two.

x Cathy

Thanks for another inspiring article Open! Your posts often stir something in me and then when I feel to share in response I can’t always find the words to express what it is that I feel. As soon as I start juggling with words, my mind gets caught up in trying to make sense of what it is that I am trying to express and then in the end I feel lost for words. As I just googled whether ‘lost for words’ is actually a phrase in English, synchronistically the first thing that popped up was this Pink Floyd song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPwucFar9kM

When I started off this post it was going to be a response to the questions you asked at the end about our fears and concerns, but somehow I found myself diverted to the phrase ‘lost for words’ and the song, which seem to be more important in this moment than whatever else I felt to express. ‘Lost for words’ is an appropriate phrase to express how I feel in many ways:
Lost for words about climate change
Lost for words about many other things happening in the world right now
Lost for words expressing how I feel inside
Lost for words expressing who I am
Lost for words ……, the list is endless!

Without words as a way of expression, just raw feelings and experiences remain…

Thanks for having the courage to go there guys. *give_rose*

Yes 911 was (I agree) thew lynch pin for what is currently taking place - that was indeed crossing the point of no return - "crossing the rubicon".

I believe you can see it in a number of ways. It was clearly a malevolent act by the powers-that-be. And yet from a bigger picture point of view, it began the unraveling of a system revealing itself (to those with eyes) by its own excesses. So ultimately the event itself proves beneficial (even if not intended that way).

There's a striking parallel in the story of Jesus - the kiss on the cheek is the deception that gives him away. It looks malevolent. And yet from the bigger picture the crucifixion was necessary and beneficial - it inspired deep revelation.

Likewise the melting of the arctic ice, which is a profound gear change within the Great 5D shift.

So many things all connecting together.

Open *OK*

Right now I'm running a facilitator workshop here in Glastonbury. We work with people's karma and how it connects into reality as it unravels - we feel into our own pain so that we can take others there too. It's all about reclaiming lost fragments of soul stuck within the density. Expressing emotionally is key. We find ourselves moving beyond the words into deep consciousness. That's where healing takes place - the deep contemplation of situations like this, and then breaking through to the other side.

There's often sadness, but also great joy as you realise yourself and release from the density. It feels like being "lifted"...

The tears have been flowing as I say deeper and deeper goodbyes to my attachments. I woke up seeing and feeling Molly and Sam in the final scene in "Ghost" and felt an angel take my hand to post it here. As Open said just above:

There's often sadness, but also great joy as you realise yourself and release from the density. It feels like being "lifted"...

"The love inside, you take it with you." ~Sam Wheat, Ghost


Open you asked us to share our fears and concerns. This week it suddenly occurred to me that one of my many fears is that I am terrified of my own anger. Lately, this anger energy has been bubbling up within and when I really sense into it I get scared, because it feels so destructive. It feels like if I would really unleash it, it would destroy anything within a few km radius around me, like a bomb. I can see how it relates to my tendency for control, to control myself to avoid the destruction this anger could cause. It doesn’t seem related to a particular event or person in my life, but more of an anger about the state the world is in and all the ‘ignorant’ people caught up in the matrix. And there is a lot of anger about Opposing Consciousness too…. At the same time, while writing this, I can feel a sense of shame to admit that I am carrying such a destructive force within….

At the moment, it feels like the pressure is building up internally (it seems particularly strong in my arms and right shoulder), and it starting to feel more and more uncomfortable to contain, but at the same time I don’t really know how to release it in an effective way, afraid of the damage I might cause. I have already tried my luck on a pillow before to then regret later, because the force had shocked my muscles so much that my arms were in pain for several days afterwards. So these days when I do hit a pillow it has become more controlled to avoid injuring myself. Would you have any advice on ways of unleashing anger?

Hi Tulip,

So there are a few things that pop out from what you're saying. Firstly, yes, it's good to channel at least some of the energy into something positive. So powerful dancing to highly energetic music; power walking; shouting and singing loudly. If it resonates and you see synchronicity, pay attention to the possibility of kick boxing or some kind of martial art.

And also, the energy you describe sounds very much like you know how to be an energy catalyst - one that can break down realities with pure consciousness. To do so is to feel powerful energies building inside but then to contain them. You'd then direct your attention to the issue in question. But it's vitally important not to project any anger or blame - hence the concern about it's destructive nature. If however you can master containing such strong energies, but then focusing on the issue without projection, you'll find you have a strongly unwinding affect.

This is what it means to be a cosmic catalyst.

Open *OK*

Hi Open,

Thanks for your response! I did actually go barefoot ecstatic dancing earlier this week and fortunately the DJ picked exactly the right songs for me to channel some of the anger into the dance and I felt released afterwards, but the next morning the pressure was back again. I do also enjoy singing and going for a run, but I am not sure I resonate with the idea of kickboxing at this moment ☺, although I can imagine it to be an effective way to express this energy.

Your feedback on the cosmic catalyst took me a little by surprise, as I hadn’t thought of anger as something with catalytic qualities. And I am not sure whether I fully followed your explanation, in particular when you talk about ‘directing your attention to the issue in question ’. Do you mean the particular issue that my anger is about or rather a more general issue out in the field that I experience as anger energy? And how can you direct your attention there? Other than that, I wonder how to contain such energies building up inside, particularly when they feel so explosive?

Just wondering by the way, are spiritual catalyst, energy catalyst and cosmic catalyst all referring to the same or are they different?

Hi Tulip - yes, you've misunderstood me a degree - I didn't explain myself well enough - apologies.

I'm certainly not saying that anger is a part of being a 'cosmic catalyst' - but that the aligned energy at the core of it can be. Just as there is truth at the core of all distortion.

And yes, when some situation appears unjust or unfair in the world, then a 'cosmic catalyst' (one who has realised their ability to positively influence and realign without personal need or intent) may bring their attention to the issue. This alone helps infuse realigning energy into it. Essentially you expand out your field to embrace the situation in question - then the realigning energies flow through it. This is something I help people experience on the facilitator program.

A lot of the time, I'll share a key. If the realisation is ready to be embraced it will make sense. If not, then the time is not yet ripe. But keep exploring in that direction anyway.

Wishing you well


Hi Open,

Thanks for clarifying further! It makes more sense now, though I can see there is still more for me to explore here. For example, how to distinguish unjust or unfair situations, from those situations that might just seem unjust or unfair to me, mainly because of my own distortions?
This anger energy seems to be getting wilder/stronger with the day, and then of course yesterday I manifested a coworker who pushed all my anger buttons ☺. As it was happening, a part of me was fully angry in the interaction, whereas another part was slipping into these moments of observation, very aware of the situation and how the anger was manifesting inside my body (usually with a lot of heat) as well as how my response to him was mostly distorted.
At the same time, there are other moments that this crazy energy is slightly less explosive and seems to be flowing through my body more freely, creating pleasant and relaxing tingling sensations.

Let's explore justice and fairness in the universe deeper then. It's a common question you raise Tulip...

    "How to distinguish unjust or unfair situations, from those situations that might just seem unjust or unfair to me, mainly because of my own distortions?"

I put it to you that the universe came into being without intention, because intention presupposes a creator, and if there was a creator, where did it come from - what preceded it? When you follow this thread of consciousness inside yourself all the way back to the source - to presence - then you realise it could all have happened from there. There's no need of a 'creator' with intention.

So if the universe is just happening - which I strongly suggest it is - then where does fairness and justice fit into it all? That would presuppose that the universe is intentionally trying to engineer something of which justice and fairness are intrinsic qualities. Do you see where I'm going with this?

    To move into enlightened states is to drop the need for the universe to be a certain way, for a certain - fair - outcome to happen. If you work deeply into this, you'll find it becomes immensely liberating. You can accept when things are 'unfair' or 'unjust'. Because the need for fairness and justice is just an illusion of the ego.

However, that said, there is a phenomenal - relativistic - truth that gets confused in the ego as needing to be fairness or justice - that is 'Right Alignment'. The soul has an authentic resonance that carries it all the way back to the source. And there's a sense of 'rightness' to this flow when you're in it. It feels like it's 'supposed to be'. Anything that interrupts this rightness creates situations in the outer world that might be interpreted as unfair or unjust - but that's just the ego distortion of this 'rightness'.

So the key is to always seek out the rightness, because this continually brings you into harmony within the flow. But let go of the need for it happen perfectly. Then you can still have the sense of rightness as a continual unfolding, but without the need for justice or fairness within any particular situation. As I said, it's immensely liberating in day to day situations. Because you don't need others to be 'fair' or 'just' - and neither does any particular situation need to be that way.


Open *OK*

I've been following the discussion you initiated, Tulip, about anger and rage around injustice and Open's comments in response. For me there is a difference between accepting that things are unjust and feeling a deep soul longing to align the injustice with the divine flow of rightness, with compassion and respect for all life. As a spiritual catalyst, my attention is continually drawn to unjust situations in the world so I can help unwind them. I do this by unwinding anger and judgment in myself, by supporting front-line workers for justice, by speaking and calling it out so I can spread awareness, and by taking whatever personal action feels right for me i.e. donating to help efforts or writing and speaking about it, for example.

Depending on the situation, I might feel a mix of emotions when I 'see' and confront injustices: compassion, sorrow, sadness, discouragement, shock, overwhelm, revulsion, physical illness, anger, rage. I do my best to become the witness to what I'm feeling so I can let the feelings flow through me without attaching to them and without attaching to the need for an outcome when I move into what feels like aligned right action for me.

When I was part of a Course in Miracles group, I observed that there was a tendency to be "Buddha" like about any ugliness in the world. For example, I recall the 'leader' encouraging participants to ignore all rituals around Remembrance Day since war is after all only an illusion. I thought at the time, "Tell that to my Uncle Jack, a decorated war hero, who finds great comfort in honouring his lost comrades every Remembrance Day."

Part of unwinding the injustice is to take responsibility for co-creating it, so it doesn't become a self-righteous, judgmental 'us against them' distortion. I've been there plenty of times. Taking responsibility is different than blaming myself and others, as Open has pointed out so often. When I blame, I judge myself and feel guilty and then project it outwards. I'm doing my best to let go of blame and guilt. I'm attuning more and more to knowing when I'm in the flow of rightness and when I'm coming from a distorted place, full of indignant anger, blame, and judgment.

Thank you both for this discussion. It brings more clarity to me. "Seek out the rightness," as you say, Open. For me, that translates to following and acting on my soul's longing for a just world. I may feel anger and rage when I first witness inequities, but when I'm able to accept those feelings as fuel for right action and transmute them to a passion for social justice, then I really do feel like I'm in the flow of rightness, of how it's supposed to be.

x Cathy