Hanging out with Openhand...What's crumbles Your Cookie?

How do you best like to hang out? What did you get upto on your last totally free day? For me, I just love free-wheeling... taking off with no intention or objective at all, other than to relax and enjoy the world. Those who know me, know I just love a cup of coffee to kick a free day off with a heavenly infusion - drunk consciously of course! I only drink it sparingly, but when I do, it sends me like a rocket into the heavens - I'm literally floating for the next 12 hours or so. I also like hanging out with friends 'in the ether'. So today I'm just gonna take off and enjoy myself. What about you?


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Other than freewheeling and cooking, one of my other big pleasures is dancing! I just came across this awesome video somewhere, which pretty well sums it up! 


Wow loved that movie, watched it last night. Thanks for the tip!

A big pleasure of mine is swimming in the ocean. My mom told me that even as a little kid when I could still barely walk, whenever I was near the sea I started running towards the water :D

Last week I was in Florida and I'd never swam in such clear tropical waters before, amazing. I hope I can live in such a place one day!



Yes, its a great movie.
Funny and very moving.

Rich ...
I love your banjo!

Love n Peace all.


Can you believe it, I come all the way out to paradise island for the sunshine, and there's a storm on LOL! Of course I don't begrudge it, the plants need the water. So what do you do when the weather outside is inclement? Meditate, read a book, do some yoga?

All these things are great, but I also love the movies when I have a bit of down time. I just watched this one that I felt to share with you called "Captain Fantastic" - and it really is fantastic. It's about a guy bringing his family of 6 kids up, off grid, in the wilderness. But then the fun begins when they venture back into the "real world". I found it a heart warming film with some great messages. Here's the trailer...


Open *OK*


Margaret, I really enjoyed your post about writing fairy tales. It serves as motivation for me to get back at writing children's stories, which I've always enjoyed. A fairy tale story idea for children tuning into the magical pathway to 5D has been percolating for awhile, so it's time to get writing it. I'm feeling many children out there are star souls on a challenging mission in these turbulent times. I often feel deeply for their journeys ahead and feel the pull to inspire them in some way.

We've had lots of snow in Victoria on and off these past few weeks with ice and slush to boot. It makes it too slippery for me to venture out, so I've had to cancel several outings with friends recently! Plus my partner is away at work for much of the time right now. So it's just "moi" hanging out. It feels like an invitation to bypass the distractions out there and dig deeper into those pesky and wily shadow identities, which I'm embracing. But who doesn't need a break from processing?! To up the joy, I'm pumping up the volume on the tunes and getting down with a little slo-mo! Thought I would share a blast of upbeat with y'all. It's a worldwide 'dance-to-love' video with Justin Timberlake singing, "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!" Have fun, guys! :) x Cathy


I love the juggler vision M - yes made me chuckle too. *mosking*

And journaling, it's incredibly powerful for your own self realisation and development. That's exactly why and how Openhandweb began, many moons ago!

Open :-)


Haha, that's good :-)

I feel heard when I read your response, Wynde. There is something to be said about deeper exploration and watching yourself grow as the answers to the question change shape. All are fascinating and there is usually something still underneath to uncover.

You said:
"Often times when one has a unique and brand new thought form it is the representation of a collective coming into being and within this there is an evolution of sorts within the individual." I feel that too, I sense we are supporting each other's growth by just being ourselves and unwinding our own limitations.

I see wisdom in that stillness you mentioned. Perhaps it is as if an equilibrium is being sought and the next step is launched from the place of balance? Or, like you said, maybe it is a gathering of a momentum, germination time for a seed. I feel it happening now and it may take humanity forwards or few steps back. I'm feeling a call for an intensified awareness, for that stillness within... just moments before the launch. It's coming...

Thank you for your lovely sharing, Wynde, please do share more :-)

With love.


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Margaret, I completely agree with this and even literally saw this awhile back in one of my meditation moments.
I saw seeds going outward towards humanity, it was extremely difficult for me to remain an observer. I so wanted to just pick one up, identify it, classify every aspect of it, put it under my internal microscope and just know it within its entirety. It was pretty exhilarating! I'm still to this day, reflecting upon it and asking many many questions regarding it.
I feel something happening right now too, something is and has been changing for a long time.
But, we all would not be who and what we are without something changing huh :)


Heyas all!

Margaret, your post made me giggle!! I love it, love your story concepts. Thank you for sharing that.

I very much understand the need to journal, although for me it is random times of the year and random moments in time.
I am a relentless questioner of absolutely everything. Sometimes I feel it is, much of course to everything's despair and delight :)
I paint a lot lately too. Mostly abstracts which is a ton of fun to see, hear and feel the reactions within others regarding them. Plus it just keeps me flowing.

Like I said before I question everything, always have always will. Small part of me is a seeker I guess and this that I want to share with you all is my relentless question to everything for an answer on evolution.

This answer came to me back about 10 months or so from out of nowhere. It could be from the collective thought buzzing around constantly or the universe. Who's to know, who's to say really. For me, its the answer that matters mostly I guess because I'm very very literal lol :)

deep breath....Im quite shy LOL! here goes..

The energy of the soul is so much more vast than most people think possible. Therein lies the ability to communicate over vast distances without the use of devices. Often times when one has a unique and brand new thought form it is the representation of a collective coming into being and within this there is an evolution of sorts within the individual. Sometimes these thought forms are accepted and the collective births a new era. When they are declined by an immense amount of people there is then a stillness in mankind, just barely a whisper of momentum. Sometimes these moments last a day or a year,, but never as long as an entire lifespan because the same thought form is introduced, just in different ways until there is a an acceptance. This is mass evolution at its finest and its worst.

I have many many writings such as this here..Its a bit, not normal for most, but I have a good inclination that here on Openhandweb, it just might be understood.



Hello, Friends. What a lovely thread.

Winter is my time to retreat inwards, to ruminate and integrate the acquired learnings. I've never journaled much and if I did it was with a purpose to either "work on something" or "get to the bottom of an issue". It feels different this time... it feels more like just expressing the intangible, momentary states of being. It feels very nurturing and special to me.

Two months ago, I hit a wall and became stuck and unable to describe some emotions and realizations. No matter what I wrote, it felt flat and not even close to the original sensation. That is when I switched to writing in the forgotten language of fairytales and metaphors.

I've been writing fairytales that contain the essence of my sentiments, some inspired by people who touched me on a deeper level. I wrote one about our friend, Colin. It's called "The Man who moved the Universe" and it is about a man with a big heart who lived in a beautiful old town and carried a desire to help the world to be a better place. Except, he felt he'd never be able to bring his passion to fruition if he stayed in his town. From time to time, the man was hosting international visitors. With each visit he'd touch the visitor's heart and shift their perception. That shift would be carried deep into the world and change the Universe piece by piece. The realization here is, no matter how small an action, if it's from the heart it has a potential to shift the Universe. Also, we have an incredible power to shift the reality, wherever and whoever we are. When I think about this story, it makes me slow down and pay attention in my daily life. How am I shaping this reality at this very moment?

There is another one about... Open. It is called "The Juggler" and talks about a man who masterfully juggled several balls and each contained a different possibility of reality. The juggler's apprentice (me) wanted to focus on one preferred ball only and kept dropping and breaking the other ones. The wisdom here is to keep the question open, instead of focusing on one answer. It is also about not assuming that something is a certain way because of past experiences (a biggie for me). So, now when I try to judge things to be a certain way, I just think "Juggler" and feel a letting go throughout my body.

There is also another one " The Elf and the Oak Tree" and it expresses the wonder of letting go of the past and allowing the new to happen.

So, this is my joy for this season. Spring and summer are shaping up to be a brand new exploration and the journaling will be possibly replaced by visiting new places and soaking in a new environment.

With love.




Rich - I'm loving the banjo playing - thanks for sharing! Steve, free wheeling on your harley sounds like much fun :) And Sandra, I appreciate what you share about the importance of time in solitude and connecting with nature - I feel it too.

Currently in my life and over the past few months, I am finding much pleasure in connecting with other women and sharing deeply on a 1:1 basis or in community circles of various forms. It's bringing me such joy to deeply connect and share with other women. It feels like a place I can now easily be, where there is an equal balance of giving and receiving and it nourishes me deeply. I am very grateful for such sisterhood.

Last week I had a joyous weekend in the Scottish Highlands with 10 other women - singing, dancing, meditating, sharing consious meals and deep connections together and with nature. I am also grateful for all of those with whom I have connected with through Openhand - you know who you are ;) Thanks for bringing light and inspiration into my life.

Thanks Open for starting a forum to express what brings us pleasure (f)

With love and gratitude, Fiona


Hey Sandra, Rich & Steve - thanks for tuning in and chilling out with me guys *OK*

Do send me some photos if you have some - I'll gladly post.

Let the good times roll indeed!

Open :-)


In the summer Months I love to take My Harley out and do some Free-Wheeling!! :). I am very Spontaneous and will leave for a general direction and just see where the Pull takes me (often getting a tad lost!) lol and then the fun begins! park on the side of the RD take out my map and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! :)


For me a free day would mean some time in nature and also plying my banjo - preferably both at the same time. We have a nudist resort near where I live which is very nice with a small lake to swim in. It's lovely to connect with nature and with people, but some quite time is also needed.

I don't have any pictures, but in the spirit of this thread here's a video of me playing the banjo that I uploaded today. It's the first time I've ever posted something like this on the internet.

So, here it is complete with mistakes and funny concentration faces! Tunes are: Grandfather's Clock, Doug's Tune and Earl's Breakdown


For me, a free day also means people-free day. I live in community with very little private time away, so my free day must take me to a place of solitude. Even then, I need 2-3 days just to unwind and be with nature and the quiet-tude. I have a place where I go...a retreat center in the middle of an Amish community and on 63 acres of land. It is my home-on-Earth, about 2.5 hours away and south of Kansas City. Me and the deer and turkey and the billion of stars in the Milky Way. I desperately need to access it again, and soon, because tonight I feel like I am cracking up. Not sure it is me, or I am empathing someone else, or am empathing the world situation. This noon I watched a cloud formation until it dissipated...it looked like a heart (the organ, not the shape) with a large spear right through it. Me? the world? I feel it deeply...a sign for sure.