On the Road with Openhand: Take the Step!

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I'm on Tour again - no prizes for guessing where! Okay, so I haven't quite got the hang of selfies - do bear with me, I only narrowly avoided getting run over by a taxi to catch this one. Danger aside, I love being out on the road, because I get to meet you extraordinary people out there face-to-face, and that's such a blessing. It never ceases to amaze me, who pops out of the wood, shining brightly, challenging the conditioning of the matrix. Just sitting in a quiet corner of the airport, grounding from a long journey, when who should be drawn to the exact same spot, but another Openhander, coming to next week's course. The Law of Attraction really does work...

A Crazy World Out There

And isn't it a crazy world out there! I remember the last time I landed in Melbourne just a short while ago in November 2016, collecting my baggage from the carousel, when it was announced a certain "Mr T" had won the US election. Wow, - and how things have changed in just a few short months. But it's to be expected, the matrix was always going to swing a few final thrashes of the tail as the old consciousness bites the dust. The way things are going, just about anything could happen.

But we know where we're going at least - inwards and upwards - that part is destined!

I feel it's all getting very real out there now. And by that I mean the Great 5D Shift. Prior to all this escalating craziness, it was very easy to pass it all off and just get on with the day job. But now, ever more people are turning away and tuning inwards - is there really any other viable place to go?

We're all a part of an emerging family

One of the things I absolutely love about the Openhand Gatherings is right at the very end when we come together in circle, hold hands, play some resonating music and just feel the collective vibe.

As I look around me, it never fails to move me, just how extraordinary you all are. At the beginning I can feel the slight hesitancy, the slight nervousness. It mostly comes from feeling all your life that you never quite fitted in or belonged. But when you've traveled interdimensionally with birds of a feather, no matter how unique you each are, we all come together as a family. There's nothing that warms the heart greater than that!

Here's a snapshot to remind you...

New Openhand Spiritual Snapshots

Speaking of "snapshots", I've often been asked if we could clip out some of the most poignant moments of the growing Openhand Video Archive - we do have a plenty of hours of footage now. So today, we're beginning a new vibe on Openhand TV - our youtube channel - have you visited it yet?

  • We're calling the new section "Openhand Spiritual Snapshots". They're short, impactful and poignant clips to motivate you down the path. They're designed for when you have just a few moments to spare, but feel the need for an uptick in vibe!

And what could be more relevant then than the first, "Take the Step". We're only going to be posting these "Spiritual Snapshots" on Openhand TV, to encourage you all to tune in and get it really moving. So do subscribe to find out when all the rest are released in the weeks to follow.

"We feel the need - the need for speed!"

And finally, see you down the path with 5GATEWAYS...

There are still a few lastminute places left on the upcoming 5GATEWAYS tour. So do skip along to one of them if you can make it. The gatherings are always wonderfully inspirational...

See you down the path! Open *OK*

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Hi Open,

Great selfie!
Sending warm hugs from wintery Canada to the participants and all tuning into the Australian tour :-)

With love.


To be able to maybe re-unite with some Beautiful people/Souls and meet new one's :)

And of course The Seattle Tour Stop has the Privilidge To Host Trinity :) <3


We've just had a fabulous week facilitator training in Mount Gambier, South Australia. It's turned out to be an incredibly energetic area, with lots of varying energy centres - and a real "ding dong battle" going on with Opposing Consciousness. You often find this, where there's an area of deep interdimensional significance, OC will do its best to control it. But fortunately the field is softening now in this Great 5D shift, so energies are becoming ever easier to realign. Especially when you have intrepid adventurers ready to apply their magnificent rainbow vibe.

The area is known for its "Blue Lake" volcanic mountain, which now feeds the area with a lot of its water. No surprises for guessing where it got its name; appropriately it's also a powerful portal for the influx of blue Pleiadian energy. That is when OC is not being successful in blocking...

There are so many special centres here. Like Mount Schank below, where the group did some deeply impressive energy shifting/realigning work. It too is volcanic, and it's clear the aboriginals here have used it as an ascending 5D portal. Again we had to work hard to clear the intervening OC...

It never ceases to amaze me, how such gentle and beautiful people 'pop out of the woodwork' with amazing capacity to facilitate and shift energy.

September with our beaming, beautiful, angelic host Ishara - thankyou for bringing Openhand to Mount Gambier - you are a blessing!...

Belinda the awesome "medicine woman" with Amber...

Rhonda with the "White Dragon Lady" Jade...

Erlank the spiritual bush warrior getting focused in the studio...

You beautiful, crazy Rainbow Warriors, what a pleasure it was working with you. I love you all!

And finally I felt to share this with you, our latest "spiritual snapshot", about recognising the awesome power of YOU. How very appropriate...


Open *OK*

Oh I feel you all. And your amazing work.
I feel such bountiful joy to be with this and you
This is the stuff of Life and I am so alive and deeply privaledged to be with it.
An honour. Deep bow.

Wonderful pics and gorgeous energy! So feeling the powerful rays of Pleiadian energy emanating from the heart-shaped Blue Lake! Blasting through OC blocks, like an intrepid freight train zooming through the fog! Zoom. Zoom.

x Cathy

Hi Open and Facilitator friends,

It's always so exciting to see new failitators embracing the "work", you guys are awesome and how wonderful that the explorations and gifts of this week will ripple out to those you connect with. Truly fantastic and inspiring!

That lake looks amazing - so rich, deep and blue!

With much love, appreciation and deep respect, Fiona

Thanks for the lovely support guys.
It means so much that you tune in and follow the vibe.
It feels so special to be a part of a family, all with a common vibe and direction.

It warms my heart

Open *give_rose*

Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence and guidance, dear Open. It was so delightful as always, to bask in the Openhand energy and connect with the beautiful souls who are drawn to the work. Loving the gorgeous pics!

Wow, the field trip was so powerful, we are really excited to continue with raising the energies of the special points we have here!

Thank you to all the supportive commentators here...especially of course, Trinity and Fiona...I really look forward to finding you are in front of me in the flesh again, someday.

Biggest love to all xoxo

Well it's been a fabulous week in Kiama. I'd like to say "sunny" kiama but for a good part of the time, it deluged with rain! And who will forget the powerful Gaia connecting meditation we did, and her response that washed away the local motorway - wow!!! It seems Gaia is speaking ever stronger.

I didn't get time to share much on the web (apologies), but the work was so deep and so intense, that I was pretty much pooped energetically as each day concluded. What a pleasure and a joy it was working with you all though! It's always deeply fulfilling when people are prepared to explore deeply and thereby fully reveal their soul. It literally fills the studio with energy - that of freedom and liberation. Who will forget those incredible connecting meditations we shared!

We managed to get just a couple of snaps for the tour journal. Here below, catching a crafty angle for Openhand's "diad" processing work...

And a snap of the lovely vibe we all concluded on...

It seems the group were having plenty of visions and knowings for the pathway ahead, both in your own lives and for the journey of Gaia too. It seems appropriate then to share this final ceremonial song we played. What can you see on the horizon?

Blessings to all

Open *give_rose*

Such joyful, fun photos! And lovely vibe! Thanks for sharing and inviting us in, Open! I'm with y'all in spirit.

I couldn't watch the video without the tears! The song "Into The West" always melts my heart and stirs my soul to the core. I feel all the Openhanders out there as I watch Frodo, Samwise and the rest of the gang as they continue walking the path of light -- just as we are. White shores are calling. On my way.

"For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." ~Rudyard Kipling

Much Love to all!


Beautiful - just love seeing the pics and touching the experience with you!

Looking forward to gathering in Seattle! With love, Jen

It's fabulous to be back here in Seattle. It's such a beautiful location - rural, yet near Seattle, with the buildings spread about nicely between the trees. The studio is as gorgeous as ever, even with the rain. It excites me every time I walk up this path, through the characterful trees and shrubs...

I just love having Kim on the team! Here we were earlier getting ready for action. Joy and laughter are so incredibly good for the soul. We have it in abundance...

We've got such a warm-hearted community spirit happening. It's so nice to connect with everyone. I took a few snapshots earlier so that we could share some of the vibes...

Jen & Margaret in deep conversation...

And I love how quickly deep conversation and unraveling can turn to laughter. Kim & Erica...

Jeanne getting ready for the next session in the studio...

Brenda. Actually, I think she's smiling because she's just found out that I am making chocolate covered banana bread for dinner...

Chad. Very wise - the perfect hat for the Seattle nippy weather...

Kim & Margaret - happy to be here...

Indeed we're having a wonderful time in Seattle - breaking out of limiting sense of identity and small "I" - opening into expanded consciousness and allowing that to guide the show. We just love it!

Open *OK*

They say reality is what you believe it to be.
I would qualify that - reality becomes what your consciousness attunes to.
Beyond mind, there are lots of subconscious attachments that bind people to an old outdated existence - an old frame of reality. Hence the importance of getting into all the touch points that limit people.

You have incredible gifts of beingness, which I'm sure many of you will know to various degrees. But how much do you keep tuning into those? How much do you rely upon them and let them guide the show? We're transitioning now to 5D reality, but you actually have to trust in those higher gifts and start to live from them: for example that intuition and synchronicity will focus where you need to go; that you can create your path purely from being, without having to effort and struggle; that the challenges you confront represent the opportunities you may grow through; that you are far more than this small "I" that you may have adopted.

5GATEWAYS is all about living in that expanded reality, all the time.
That's what I find so breath-taking watching people begin to live that on these gatherings.

It's time to let it all go "Neo", fear, doubt and disbelief.
It's time to unfold into your expanded, Cosmic Self...

Wow - that was an amazing week! Here are some photos that I took so that we could share the gorgeous energy with you guys tuning in here...

Steve & Brenda taking a moment between sessions to soak up the energy of the land. And blessed we were, to have such a beautiful, natural space to work with!

Here are the group working in pairs. The purpose of this particular session was all about unleashing authentic beingness. Was a powerful session!

Open guiding another dynamic session to fire the soul...

Phew - a little rest for michelle and margaret after an intense session...

Chad - Openhand support facilitator, radiating those fantastic vibes...

Here's Steve shining like the sun... makes me feel so much joy to see :)

Michelle & Brenda. What else really filled me with joy was feeling such beautiful connections & community spirit here. I love you guys!

The lads putting the world to rights...

And the food. I was in my element looking after everyone with lots of conscious cuisine. Everything made with the biggest heart full of love. I do believe we had a wonderful week full of delightful culinary adventure on retreat here too. A bit of a high vibrational, superfood extravaganza.

What a beautiful week! Love and guest support by Kim was so much appreciated too!

Really looking fwd to crossing paths with you guys again.

Awesome photos, awesome folks, awesome energy! Love y'all!

x Cathy

Hi all,

Beautiful photos! They really capture the energy amazingly!

With love, Fiona

Wow!!!! Amazing to connect with all of you. I'm deeply moved to the core, it was a very beautiful week, the waves of energy are still lapping up through the shores of this being. I'm without words.
Namaste soul family

Yes, an amazing and powerful week. Loved connecting to each of you and sharing all that we did! Harpers's Hill is such a great place for the Openhand energy...loved all the amazing trees, the quiet, the houses we stayed in, the FOOD (thank you Trinity!) and the incredibly deep work we all did together - thank you Open! There is a lot of movement going on for me internally from what was stirred. So grateful for you all. With love, Jen

Those chocolate deserts look delicious and inspiring, would love to make it myself. I am guessing this was Trinity's angelic touch *angel* I don't know what it is about deserts that gets my attention. But other than food, the energy of the gathering is amazing!


Yes indeed Anatoly, I am pleased to say that I created all the food on this retreat - over-flowing with love. Was totally in my element.

You aren't the only one drawn to the desserts ;) The one in the picture was Chocolate Covered Caramel Shortbread. Oh my goodness - I am looking fwd to having you make it too. 'Tis quite divine. Funnily enough, it's featuring in a small 'Superfood Sweet Treat' ebook that I am almost finished making (so stay tuned).

I`m glad that I decided to participate in the seminar. It helped me a lot on my path. I left the retreat being empowered and optimistic, confident that I can deal with anything that comes my way.

There also was a very interesting synchronicity with Margaret, Ellen and I staying in hotels that were very close to each other for one night before flying out of Seattle. We could have a conversation and have dinner together. It helped me to see and understand myself better as well. Thank you Open and everybody who was there!

So, after a brief respite on sunny La Palma, I'm on the final leg of the current World Tour in Helsinki, Finland. Which was a bit of a climate shock, cos when I arrived here, it was snowing, and I only had my open towed sandals with me!
(I usually carry goretex (waterproof) socks but they'd mysteriously disappeared). So the higher dimensional Openhand team had to remind me, as they chuckled from on high, of those immortal lines from the matrix...

    "Don't try to bend the spoon, that's impossible.
    Instead, only seek to realise the truth."
    "What truth?"
    "There is no spoon!"
    There are no toes!

The gathering is going brilliantly already. We have an amazing group, traveled from all across Europe. I can't tell you what a blessing it is to work with people who are truly opening their hearts to the flow and expanding their consciousness.

    I always believe in continual innovation - that our processes should never become prescriptive - grounded in dogma. Or else practice just becomes another discipline, from which spiritual identity is built - another prison cell! With that in mind, I felt a strong compulsion to evolve Openhand's spiritual compass "Openhandway". I felt it was a little too prescriptive - telling you how you should navigate your inner world, when of course, everyone is unique.

So, I took the compass and condensed it, evolved it, more into a process, one which helps to align and attune your own compass. How is your soul wanting to navigate your own inner landscape? That's the responsibility I'm giving back to the group, back to every individual, to encourage increased soul sovereignty.

Because even though a mirror can show you the doorways, it's only you that can walk through them...

So I've condensed Openhandway into something more simplified called "Openway". Let's be clear, it's not MY way of walking the path! It's a method to get to YOUR way. It can be simply stated as this...

  • Open into the Soul
  • Open through Blockages
  • Open for Beingness

So I'm exploring with people through various techniques, how they best open in the mainstream of their soul. Of course, just as on all Openhand gatherings, there's plenty of guided exploration, through meditation in breathing and movement, using intuitively guided questioning to help you get to your truth.

It recognises that when you do connect with the mainstream of your soul, then pretty much immediately you're going to feel internal tightness, resistance and closing down again. This is because as the soul flows internally, it pulls on it's 'tethering' - where the soul has fragmented and gotten stuck in the riverbed of life. This we must turn into, confront, become as-One with, and breakthrough...

    In fact, here's the paradoxical juxtaposition: this inner tightness and subconscious traumatic source pain IS THE PATH. Because it's what's limiting you from the only thing going on in life - evolutionary Ascension (at least in the Openhand Philosophy).

When people do this, when then turn toward their inner tightness, I observe joyfully that they quickly break the tethering that holds them. They explode the myth of the limiting reality. There is no spoon!

Once you've exploded the limitations of the old reality consciousness, then it's about digging deep into the river bed of life and reclaiming those buried fragments of soul gold, reintegrating them inside, and unleashing them through your being. The key is, knowing what to look for and resonating that vibration. Because it's pure, arising beingness that truly shapes the world in an authentic way.

That's what we'll be working on this week. And it's already gotten off to a wonderful start. I can feel that tethering snapping and breaking all around me. There is no spoon!!!

I'll be sharing the new approach "Openway" here on the website more fully in due course. Remember: any approach, any 'teaching', any truly enlightened being, can only ever show you the doorway to your own realisation - only you can walk through the doorways.

Sending love!

Open *give_rose*

PS: just after writing this I was making my morning smoothie, where I dropped the spoon and bent the knife. Hmmm. Must be time to check into Trinity's new thread...Your synchronicity of the day!

I'm noticing for the past few weeks how this attempt at feeling the soul actually closes it down. And only when i surrender this need do i actually start to feel the expansiveness again. The rising of the gas balloon expresses rightly what follows after. But was this trying , falling and getting back up essential at the first place. Couldn't i just get on with life experiencing what comes and not worry about how any method works. It might be helpful when facilitated in a gathering something but for me its only the ego which tries to speed up the process. To me the most challenging thing is not the pain but the wanting to experience something more. I'm getting tired of this trying. Its getting a lot easier to put the shield down take a few hits. There's unexpected easiness in this approach.

This is one of the things I was always rebelling against when that funny but not very wise kicking with ya lol, feeling that subtle limitation, and my soul is allergic to that stuff haha Hugs to you!!! Felt so happy with the words:

"I always believe in continual innovation - that our processes should never become prescriptive - grounded in dogma. Or else practice just becomes another discipline, from which spiritual identity is built - another prison cell!... everyone is unique... a process, one which helps to align and attune your own compass. How is your soul wanting to navigate your own inner landscape? "...

For me it is really realising that everybody is a little God, and the whole world is a reflection for me to choose in the heart what game it feels just to play, so there are "negative" reflections and experiences that teach me how I do not choose to be, because I easily could also choose to be the worst demon in the whole universe and see that in myself, and play that and have fun with that, you know, the bad guys in the movies are always so attractive and interesting hhhh, but then experience would teach me that everything is reflected back to me and that there is love in that but is it the kind of love we all yearn for? Something is always just missing when getting stuck in one way of being, one identity, one role-game...

Then we have all the positive reflections, also stuff that as if was absent in us, a knowing that it even exists, so we can tune in and find those frequencies inside us, let them grow, see what it does and how it affects our being, life and the field around - those who already care for the whole and not only their own being and well-being"... We can choose to let that grow or also sweep that away later, because maybe there is this moment when we need to shift into something totally different.

The point is that if there is no spoon, then we can be anything at any moment, the devil too, if that serves the moment.

I feel myself at the point of absolute shapeshifting without the need to be good or bad, kind or mad, as long as this is the truth of the moment, as long as my heart is open and loves at that moment. I can bend left or right and in any way.

Should I be that kind of reflection now? Ok.

But then making sure to harmonise the field and to really connect to the person. What kind of reality does he want to play out? A couple of hours of allowing that experience and showing what it creates and does are enough to shift a choice and make a switch, no need to live days, months, weeks or whole lifetimes like that.

The thing is that a human being is such a genius creation that it can be anything, and it is allowed in the game, this is why we see all these funny Trumps and the movements in the field it creates. And this is genius we have mirrors all around, one only has to learn how to look in the mirror and what to do with it.

I am so happy for you, travelling, igniting and collecting the souls into one, because we are just here to play together and find the truth within, together, align everything into a fair game where we are all responsible for the whole and we can play in harmony, no matter what kind of reality is created, because it is not like something wrong is being corrected, but it is perfection upgraded to a higher degree of perfection, at every moment, anytime a soul shifts in tune into the united with other hearts heart.

So beautiful.

Huuuuuugs!!!! <3

Well Helsinki was the absolutely perfect conclusion to the latest Openhand World Tour. It was quite a jolt to begin with in a couple of ways: taking off from sunny La Palma to suddenly landing in the snow, armed only with open-toed sandals!!! And then finding there'd been a curious mix up with the dates, which meant the first seminar was scheduled for only a couple of hours after landing. Phew!!! But it worked out wonderfully nevertheless.

And what experiences we had. How deep everyone went. I could feel layer upon layer falling away, metaphored perfectly by the door, which got broken through, from one side to the next. It's all love!!!...

Central to the Openhand work, and what activates such powerful embedded energy, is our "diad" work, uncovering buried aspects of soul gold...

It begins on the plane of the intellect, with intuitive questioning...

But then regresses people deeply into the karmic source pain...

Expressing to music and movement helps become as-One with it, then release it...

It's always smiles, relief and expansion afterwards...

Who will forget the six senses walk, and the portal creation - despite the cold!!!

And the happy Nepalese evening dinner. But why was the food so hot - I thought that was Indian cuisine! Come back Trinity, all is forgiven!!!

And finally, the group photo. You are all such magical, special, rainbow people. You melt my heart...

(and yes, for the first time ever, there were more guys than gals. Wow - come on chaps, time for more of you to join the party!)


Open *OK*

Thank you Open en Emilia for this wonderful week in Helsinki! And the rest of the group of course for the amazing energy, laughs and beautiful sharings. The pics are great! (But where are those crazy ones?) *yahoo*

Can't wait to reconnect! Love

The balloon is rising, although I've lost some sense of space... this world is not the same after last weekend. Such a powerful experience was this course, the people, the amount of information, the emotions... YeeaaahhHHH!! I felt real love over half an hour for the first time on Monday, and it still is hard to comprehend and internalise this major progress I've experienced *music2*

This time I really sensed the energetic overflow of knowledge, experience and pure energy from the constellation of this gathering, that Open co-manifested with these beautiful souls, powerful to a degree that I now long for peace and solitude to integrate.

Open, you are such an amazing being. I can't truly yet understand what reflects, in the experience of you and your presence. I'm so humbled, joyful and curious at the same time. You taught us about non-attachment, you taught power, and you taught about love... The depth of the amount of consciousness, or information, that I received is much deeper than I'm aware of right now, I sense. From level one, you have gained immense strength. I guess my perception has evolved too, but anyways it feels fantastic to be part of this. I really need time out now. Writing this makes my chest heavy, pressure that I experience very beautiful and touching. Makes me emotional, yes...

I love You guys. I can see the light shining from the master, be praised for gathering us and helping - I have been waiting a long time *give_rose* But I have also started to cognitise the magnitude and depth of the reality I experience, and there I can sense that it really is a form of the whole that is the truth, not the conceptualised parts of it *dance4*

Hail to You my friends



Indeed as Trinity said, it is heart warming to see people that we've worked and connected with before!! Greetings to all!! You made my day!! Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes with your unfolding :)

Thank you all for this wonderful weekend. There is so much I could get from this experience. Love to all of you great souls *give_rose* It was pleasure working and connecting with you!

See you soon,

Wonderful journey! Speaking of breakthrough, i had a similar hole (maybe a bit bigger) in my wall just before coming to Florida workshop last year.


What an amazing journey... Connecting face to face, soul to soul with so many all over the world! Thank you for all you share and enjoy the unwinding!! Lots of love, Jen

Thank You so much Open and the whole group! :-D It was so uplifting and wonderful! The exercise on the last day was so amazing that I really had difficulties to grasp it. Been floating in bliss all the week. O:-)

Luckily today I found my dear old dragon lurking somewhere in my guts (greetings to Matt!) and it needed care and working with. :-X I feel so much more grounded now to find that YEAHHH there is still a lot of work to do, but I also find there is so much MORE joy and trust in the work and the results happen so quickly now.

Thank You Open and all Openhand family, I love you so much!!!!

What a wonderful gathering we had in Helsinki, indeed <3
Huge thanks to Open and Openhand and to everyone who came and made it so special.
What a group of beautiful, brightly beaming souls!
I've always liked a lot of the Break on Through (to the other side) from The Doors but now the song title really got a whole new meaning to me :-)
Let's stay connected and hope to see many of you again in Helsinki on September!

With love,


Our gathering in Helsinki , was beautiful, sad, joyous , incredible .. tears of sorrow, then tears of happiness :dance:

a life changing experience , so lovely to meet up with so many friends from Breakthough, and to make so many more new ones *HI* all of them such amazing souls *KISSED*
Thank you so so much Open , for sharing your wisdom, insights and experience with us all , and helping us with the tools we need to continue on our journey , and Thank you Emilia for for helping this event to happen , and for holding the energy for us, there was a lot of it flying around !

I love you all , we shared so much together , those 5 days will be with me forever , I go into the future now a stronger , more secure and balanced person .. to quote a line from Mad Max 4, "it feels like hope" *wink*

Oh and thanks Emilia , for making me think about that Doors Track (and Christian !)

I hope to see you all again somewhere on the path !!