Refocusing of the Openhand Direction...Facilitating Your 5D Shift

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Hi everyone in the Openhand Community - you're most cherished - thankyou for tuning in! During it's lifetime here, Openhand has gone through many iterations through countless explorations, so as to arrive at the most aligned expression of purpose. Phew, what a journey! Well now it feels like the Openhand mission has finally come into full focus. We're all about Facilitating Your 5D Shift. How exciting! It feels like the timing is perfect for the unwinding and evolving that's now accelerating through the old reality. So what might you expect of Openhand going forwards? How might you be involved?...

Higher Dimensional Bridge

Firstly, it's important to understand exactly what Openhand is:

Openhand is an age-old, highly evolved energy - a higher dimensional bridge - it's purpose to assist unravellings and realignments through the field, so as to bring greater harmony for all sentient life. It's what some might alternatively know as "Ascended Masters", although it certainly would not accept such a term for itself - a true master knows there is always something to be mastered, and therefore it is the realisation, that wherever we are on the path, we are ALL eternal students! In this philosophy, the acceptance of that realisation, is in itself, true mastery.

How does Openhand work?

  • The collective "Team" consciousness works by resonating frequencies of being, which others might feel, so as to activate authentic beingness within themselves - thus True Self begins to unwind and express through the mirroring facilitation. It's all about helping You become more of You. In so doing, we witness that it brings sentient life into alignment with the flow of their soul, which in turn, becomes aligned with the collective flow of the Universe - leading to the feeling and experience of 'nirvana'.

Only an aligned expression of truth can facilitate this. Everything is of consciousness, and when some alignment of truth is felt within, then unwinding and realignment of reality naturally happens - it feels increasingly expanded, connected, joyful and entirely sovereign within your own being. This is Openhand's wish for you!

5D Shift Project

This approach is conducted through the writings and sharings here on Openhandweb, through video and audio, through supportive facilitation through our facilitator network, and most importantly, on the courses, retreats and seminars we run, which take place around the world. (Openhand Facilitator Summer School 2017) All our work to date, through constant exploration and evolution, has now condensed into what we're calling the 5D Shift Project. Essentially it's an open framework for your own inner inquiry. It's a way of looking at the often conflicting impulses felt between ego and soul, helping to resonate aligned beingness and unravel karmic blockages, so that the expression of True Self can be liberated. It feels like coming home to You! Specifically, the 5D Shift Project is offered through 3 sequential levels of exploration:

  1. BREAKTHROUGH - inspirational "Divine Revelations" book, plus 3 day weekend course
  2. 5GATEWAYS - a route map and compass for your path, expressed in text book and 5day retreat
  3. DIVINICUS - processing Humanity's past life karma and activating the spirit light body for the 5D Shift, expressed through book and 7 day course.

New Website Development

Beginning on September 1st, we'll be taking the work out around the world through seminars, courses and retreats. Plus we'll be constantly growing the facilitator network to support you - sometimes all that's needed is a gentle reflection to make that all important breakthrough that can make such a positive difference to your life. We'll also of course, maintain our commitment to sharing as much free support as possible through this website Openhandweb. Speaking of which, you'll have noticed the new header design, which embodies the new sense of the energy and it's purpose. This is only an interim stage in transition - we're amidst a major redesign of the website, the primary purpose of which being to make it responsive to all manner of viewing devices - essentially so that it will resize to fit different devices such as your mobile phone - we have that to look forwards to! So if you resonate, do come and get involved, either here on the website, with the facilitator network, or on the upcoming events. I can certainly promise you positive life changing experiences. It will be our pleasure to serve!

5D Shift World Tour Update

The tour has been booking very quickly - there's lots of excitement about the new focus - Wonderful! But there are a few last minute places in a few locations. So do check in if you resonate to come. Here's where we'll be:

The Team here are so thrilled and motivated by the evolution to come. And what brings the greatest joy of all, is watching your magnificent unfoldings. It will be our privilege to facilitate. Fond blessings Open *give_rose*

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These are truly great news! *ok*
Thank you for your lovely work Openhand facilitators!
In daily life I encounter ever more people, who just 'know it'. They just get the truth faster and are actually ready for the new paradigm.
It's such a great feeling to be here in this time of change with all of you.

With the best wishes to everyone *give_rose*

- Sascha

Yeah, I'm feeling pumped up and excited about this new Openhand refinement. Looking forward to being a part of it and continuing to connect with all you lovely people out there, both online, through the ether and in person.

Lots of love

Hi to all at Openhand,

Wonderful to see this further expansion and refinement. The Openhand energy and work touches and transforms the lives of so many, I want to say a heartfelt thank you! It has certainly transformed my life and for that I am ever grateful (f)

I'm loving the new header design - awesome job!

With much love and gratitude, Fiona

This new refined unfolding feels just so well aligned with whats going on with the Great shift taking place all around us .
I feel very committed to help the work evolve on my own level as well as continuing to be part of the facilitator evolving community . Heart felt Gratitude for the Openhahd bridge to have activated so much so far in my own life and in so many others around the globe . High 5 to the OH Team . Love the new design as well .
Much love guys , Jean