The Healing of the Divine Masculine

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The problem has been that masculine energy has gotten so easily distorted over the centuries.  In it’s pure, aligned form the divine masculine is clear, wilful, passionate, protective, committed and focussed.  However, when it gets distorted it can turn into domination, perversion, and aggression.  This usually comes from some need to control the environment because of a need for a specific outcome. 

So how can we heal it?

Understanding the Masculine Energy in its Pure Form

Firstly, we need to recognise that masculine energy in it’s pure form IS divine!  It’s very common, particularly in spiritual circles, to strive for traits such as love, peace, compassion and acceptance.  How often does will power, focus, passion and courage get overlooked!  But these traits are needed too.  They are deeply catalytic. 

If I said the word ‘penetration’ to you now, how would you react?  Tightness, perhaps even nausea?  It’s a word that carries a lot of weight and is loaded with judgement.  But what does penetration really mean?  In the work of self-realisation we must use masculine energy to penetrate into our unconsciousness.  It shines a light in the darkness and encourages us to ‘go deeper’.  Where would we be without this?  I suppose probably in comfortable denial, stuck in a bubble of ‘love and light’ but never able to face any of life’s obstacles.

Initiating Change

On a more practical outer level we can use masculine energy to initiate change in our lives.  To take that bold, but necessary step into the unknown.  It is also needed to establish boundaries, asserting what is okay for you and what is not.  This is particularly important for empaths and highly sensitive people.  It can be so easy to lose yourself in others, particularly when you always see their point of view.  The masculine energy protects you from this, establishing a boundary so that you remain clear in who you are. 

Coming into alignment

I have met many women out there (men too) who subtly deny their masculine side, convincing themselves that it is too aggressive to assert themselves instead of simply trusting that what they’re getting is right for them.  I would say there needs to be a recognition of balance here.  Indeed, you draw to you exactly the right circumstances for you to come closer to yourself.  But, there also needs to be an inquiry into why you’ve attracted it.  Does it serve you to be accepting in this circumstance?  Perhaps it does.  Or, perhaps the right action is to stand your ground, asserting that what is happening is not okay. 

I have also met many men (women too) who overuse their masculine side, seeking to control and dominate a situation in an effort to get something from it, even if it’s just an ego boost.  I would say there definitely needs to be an expression of masculine energy when it wants to come through, but in a way that doesn’t seek to gain power over someone else.  Can you stay in your own power without disempowering someone else?  Why would you need to disempower somebody else when you can find all the strength you need inside?  It can be a challenge, especially when it is so ingrained into our psyche.  But it is needed to heal both men and women.  It even comes down to the language we use.  Can we admit we have a problem without needing to change it?  Can we take responsibility for our own emotional pain?  This is where true strength and courage lie. 

I’d love to hear how you feel about what you’ve read here.  Does it push your buttons? What have been your experiences with masculine energy?

With love as always,
Richard is a spiritual facilitator with Openhand. He is a carer, psychologist, spiritual coach and writer. He has worked close to death for 7 years and is passionate about helping people to move on in a conscious way, even though society is geared to fight against death. He offers services in Spiritual Facilitation and Conscious Dying on his website Back to the Source and writes regular articles on his blog.

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Recently it came to my attention that the right side of my body is not as prominent (in my minds eye) as the left side...When I learned that the right side reflects the masculine expression..I became flooded with recognitions of how I have misunderstood this aspect of my person likely all of my life....I feel that I lack, or have had less ability to access those (that I recognize now) as beautiful traits...completely different than the feminine...and that some way..had expected the external male (and the inner male) to act in some ways like a woman....with her best attributes...and of course this was proved incorrect time and time again..with great pain on my part...I now am seeing, and Im willing to see what the difference is with the intention of respecting the differences and honoring them as I allow myself to open to what Ive not allowed myself to experience..Thank you

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Hi Erika,

Thanks for your sharing! It's great to hear that you've had a breakthrough with it. 

I always found it was a great help to let go of any identity with being more feminine or masculine and just see them as much as possible as complimentary energies. That way there's less blockage to letting the masculine arise when it needs to and less idea of how it 'should' be expressed.

Best wishes in your journey



Dear Open and Rich ,

I read this as I have been doing a lot of Divine Masculine expressing recently in both my relationships and in the "outside " world. In my interactions yesterday I also uncovered a strong distortion of this masculine energy as I " exploded" at my spouse when triggered . 

I have been for much of my life in a very distorted feminine role. Very passive ,allowing others to give direction ,content to be very empathic yes but also very much stuck. As I am learning to embody my own masculine ,my life is so much more purposeful. And strangely ,I can feel myself feeling much more Feminine than ever before as my inner Masculine holds her better . As a result my spouse has become much more Feminine.  He has just discovered yoga and Pranayama and is so much better at holding emotions

I love the line you wrote about the Masculine being passion and intentional doing without regard for outcome because it describes very much the way I am taking initiatives . Jumping in headlong is what it seems to be and I have not got the nuance right just yet because sometimes  I  not able to.maintian momentum often and get back into passivity . Or I lose touch with my empathy and lash out when going overboard with boundary setting in relationships where the opposite has been the pattern . 

Yet on the whole ,while I have to learn not be as clumsy ,I'm dancing ! On the outside I have joined a dance class where the teacher is a woman with wonderful masculine presence and discipline and also flow, who brings deep knowledge of bodywork,Shiatsu,yoga and dance .  This is a class I have been wanting to try for a long time and now I am learning to dance :)

Still waiting on the visa ,Open. I will see you if I see you ! 



That's a powerful sharing for sure Rich - wow, we do get these deep challenges!

Yes, it would have been easy to meet the situation with ray 1 force. Yet sometimes, as you demonstrated, it can be effective to 'show the mirror' to the other. To call them on how they're being. It takes a lot of courage brother!

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Hi Open,

Thanks for posting this one again. I witnessed this firsthand the other day. I was at my son's football training when a man took his ex wife into the corridor outside and started beating her up. To me it was the epitome of the dominant masculine suppressing the feminine. I felt so angry about this at the time. I also got a taste of it when I stepped close and made a placating gesture, letting him know there were other people there too - in which he shouted and hit me too. As you know I'm a pretty big guy, but this guy was even bigger than me. For the first time in my life I felt this powerlessness from being physically intimidated. Although the masculine feeling of protection motivated my action, the way I dealt with it was more feminine. I felt my efforts to diffuse the situation in a more feminine way were immediately abused. 

Interestingly though, doing it that way; not being aggressive or accusing or giving him anything to fight against probably was the best way to diffuse the situation without causing more violence. He left soon afterwards. After I had calmed down and processed some anger I began to feel his pain. It seemed to me that he was heartbroken from their breakup and his lack of contact with his kid. But somehow he'd learned to express that pain and try to take control by dominating and abusing.


I felt to repost again today this excellent article on "Healing the Divine Maculine" by Openhand Facilitator Rich West. The purpose is to act as a reminder that the Divine Masculine Energy resides in all of us, both men and women, and is essential to fulfilled living.

Quite rightly in spiritual circles we draw attention to the fact that the divine feminine has been over shadowed, controlled and supressed. To me this is true, however it's often the courage and impetus of the divine masculine in us that creates the space for the softer side to shine through.

Here's a glimpse into our past history and the divine will to break down opression and tyrany. Hard to imagine the times were really like this...


Hi Deborah - nice to see you here all the way from Aus! Slightly Smiling

My sense is that when one particular ray (be it masculine or feminine) is favoured at the expense of another, for any lengthy period of time, then an imbalance occurs, which leads to distortion. I'd say we need to always find a healthy balance between the two.

Yes I agree wholeheartedly Rich - the distorted divine masculine has gotten way out of control in the 'matrix'. At the same time I see there's a risk of a yo-yo effect, where in the spiritual mainstream the divine masculine energy is then shunned or surpressed.

To me, the divine masculine can break through density to allow the softeness of the divine feminine space and time to breathe. And sometimes there will already be that empathic softness, from whence the divine masculine can express in a more constructive way.

Many people I know consider that personally I have a strong ray 1 (divine masculine). But actually, in most situations, I'm tending to lead from the divine feminine - it's a way of being empathic with the surroundings and as completely aware as you can be of what's going on.

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Hi Rich Your comment near the top "Firstly, we need to recognise that masculine energy in it’s pure form IS divine!"  grabbed my attention.  Several years ago I caught a glimpse of what may have been a view from the divine standpoint. It was transformational. It was wonderful and scary at the same time It was very different from viewing things from the finite prospective.  When things settled down I kept repeating "The Earth is the Mother God" and from then on I have thought of Mother Earth, as the physical aspect of being, as the divine feminine and the divine masculine to be the non physical part of being. The wisdom or intelligence which gives energy its natural flow. This flow might be called life and all of these are united in a oneness which is all inclusive.  

So much for the pure form. In every day life so much energy is manipulated and forced into forms and structures which are not natural that masculine energy is associated with this force and manipulation. Also Feminine energy like love is often considered to be attachment and desire.and is not given the respect it deserves.


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Hi Owen,

Good to see you!  An interesting perspective you have.  I once heard someone say that all form is of the goddess - this would include the realm of mind, as all thought is, in a sense, form.  Certainly we can agree that both masculine and feminine are needed to give birth to change.  So if a distorted form/structure is created then there are both masculine and feminine hands within it. 

Indeed, you make a great point, that the distorted side of the masculine/feminine is often what people focus on - thus the aligned aspect is often ignored or denied.  

I think no matter what the specific roles of masculine and feminine are within the universe, the most important thing is the awareness of how it affects us inside.  That way we not only work on ourselves, but on masculine and feminine energy in general. 

Best wishes,




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Hi Owen

Your point has really resonated with me. 

In traditional maori mythology here in New Zealand, mother earth is known as Papatuanuku and "father sky" is known as Ranginui. 

It makes sense to me in Richard's comment that all form is of the Goddess.

This makes me ponder whether Mother Earth is the principle we can physically see, feel and touch, and what is known traditionally as 'God' or the father principle, is the energy surrounding Her. He is always there, as an energy. 

So everything is birthed from a womb - with the seeds from masculine energy. Perhaps she is form, and desires to create, creating a masculine physical form (opposed to what we've we've taught about Adam coming before Eve'


Which then makes me wonder, what is higher than Earth if there's a whole cosmos out there? Are all planets also feminine?

My mind is buzzing. Would be great to speak with you.




I'm glad to hear my thoughts resonate! This is a hard topic to talk with general people. It sounds too 'hippie' for their ears.

I also like to think of 'cat people' (more feminine) and 'dog people' (more masculine). 'Cats' tend to date each other, but prefer to work with 'dogs', whose focused energy helps them put their ideas in action. The opposite is also true.

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Wow, some great sharing and insight here.  Thanks everyone!

Alex - thanks for sharing your journey with this.  I remember our exchanges on fb. It looks like you're diving into the self enquiry (which I would say is using masculine energy).  I have a question: you said 'The tricky part I guess is what things to accept when expressing the divine masculine, and what things not to accept when expressing the divine feminine.' 


What wouldn't you accept about the divine feminine if it was wanting to express? Could this be an aspect of the masculine seeking to supress? 

Also, great synchronicity - that really touched and tickled me.  Thanks for sharing

Wynde - Thank you for sharing all your explorations with energy.  Yes, I understand how it can feel like a war inside sometimes, especially to discern which aspect wants to come forwards more strongly in any given moment.  

Eduardo - wow, that's really insightful.  Interesting you shared that you have been experienced as being feminine.  I had that experience too, though I actually have come to realise that it's not that the feminine is stronger than the masculine.  It's actually, that the feminine is just not denied when it wants to come up.  

What you said about the feminine allowing us to see the truth and the masculine allowing us to live in truth really hit me. Yes, I can fully see how allowing the masculine to arise from the feminine keeps it in its aligned form. Thanks so much.

Much love



Hi everybody!

I remember a girl who once told me "don't get me wrong, but you are kinda feminine... and I love it". Fortunately, I knew what she was refering to was indeed the divine feminine, so I lol'd.

For me, the feminine energy always needs to arise before the expression of masculine energy (because the former gave birth to the latter, anyway). Otherwise the masculine energy is expressed in a distorted way (eg a conditioned reaction instead of an aligned action).

In other words, the feminine aspect allows us to see the truth, but only the masculine aspect allows us to live in truth.


In relation to our society, it's clear to me that the masculine energy rules the world leaders, while the feminine energy rules the masses (conformism). But this imbalance is being properly unraveled by Gaia, as her aligned masculine energy is progressively causing the collapse of the matrix.

So I conclude that when a misaligned masculine energy persists for so long, the only solution is the confrontation of a greater and aligned masculine energy...?




it is just energy

In the purest form its all just energy which in the language of humans has so many words added to it.

The energy itself is what I am trying to figure out from last year to present and every time I felt I had gotten it, understood it. Something new arose in my life to show me..

Kept saying Heh, you think you got it but you are just starting to acknowledge it... My masculine side say's this to me as I'm repairing an appliance, and my feminine side say's look.. I just want to go lalalalalala, go with the flow.. just be calm and paint my human experience away!  Your way is not my way and my way is not your way, so together within duality maybe there is a way!? Then the little I in me stands up and say's omg I'm at war... again. Coexist here, practice sologamy and just understand why I am the way I am because there is zero chance we are ever coming back here to this planet.. again! For the love of all things holy, I'm pretty sure I'm not even supposed to be here! It was through a moment of spontaneity that I chose to just say, oh I'll go too, I want to help!! Then jumped through a portal..Worst and best decision ever though I might add.

I could add so many more words, I could even tell several stories that have occurred in my life over the last few months that involve my seeing all this energy as its own sort of spectrum, but the entirety of it is that one without the other is just a fraction of itself. That there is duality, that there even is a triple aspect of soul and its not achieved or healed through solidarity.  Its all just pure simple energy that when accepted and respected within oneself is something so beautiful not even words can express it properly.




Hi Rich,

You said...

I guess there is a balance here, between feeling into something, accepting it totally and yet also having the courage to commit to right action.  I also think that the two energies [divine masculine and feminine] dance together ​.

Yes, I totally agree Thumbs Up Sign

And yes, bold action may cause pain to someone else. Clearly the masculine energy (the ray 1) comes with a good deal of responsibility - in that we must always work to find the most aligned and accessible version of it. It's a careful balance - not being afraid to express that if it clearly wants to come through in any given situation.

Humbly (but not emasculated!)

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Hi Open.

Thanks for posting and contributing!  I guess there is a balance here, between feeling into something, accepting it totally and yet also having the courage to commit to right action.  I also think that the two energies dance together and so there may be a switching between the feminine and masculine many times during a process of inner enquiry, or outer interactions.  When neither are denied, they support each other so well.

When I think on your question of how I activate this energy in me - I have to say that it is always there in some respect, and that it only needs to be brought out.  A bit like stoking a fire when its needed.  The thing is to recognise when the masculine wants/needs to come through.  Where it might get suppressed for example is where there may be a fear of consequences of using that energy.  For example where a bold action may cause pain for somebody else. 

I realise that you can't walk someone else's path for them, and that they may need to experience that pain for their own journey.  However, the feeling does still occasionally arise to be worked with. I am recognising it when it comes up now, so it's a work in progress ;)


Much love,




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Thanks for this post Richard, and for everyone else’s shares below – very valuable reading. These comments certainly left me feeling contemplative too, so sharing some thoughts on what I’ve found on my journey, when attempting to balance my masculine and feminine aspects.

I recognise and to some extent understand, both the masculine and feminine traits that are the sum of me – and can reflect on the metaphorical see-saw that teetered into imbalances when I felt threatened, insecure, unworthy, in fear or triggered in the past.  And depending on the environment I found myself in, or the need state that created the protective shell or façade that was required, it is interesting to reflect on which way that see-saw had tipped.  Which traits, masculine or feminine, fortified or protected me during these phases? Whichever, I certainly valued and accessed both! Unfortunately, I was not very conscious of the impact my behaviours had on others during those times of imbalance.

Trouble was, having both an analytical mind and a creative nature, that see-saw could deliver extremes of behaviours and self-deprecating emotions. So I can relate to being a driven female in past corporate roles – overusing my masculine energy – being directive, time-bound and analytical, as well as being the highly creative female, though wafty, eccentric and unreliable.  I was generally balanced most of the time though, a conscious contributor! The imbalanced instances were usually triggered outcomes, but even in the fine times I can now recognise an interesting imbalance between my feminine and masculine aspects, based on what my story was.

When I finally found that balance, and please include a bigger picture here – as I found it was also about emotional clearing, balance of chakras, hemispheres of the brain, heart and mind, etc., I finally found me, and was comfortable in authenticity. And when I did find this balance – although it was tenuous at times, and at first difficult to sustain, I also noted a sense of wholeness, a sense of being androgynous, a sense of connection, and increased coherence.

I therefore feel that both aspects – masculine and feminine – in all of us, male or female, are core aspects of our mind / body / spirit construct that need to be understood and brought into balance. Neither aspect is good or bad, but the polarities we experience can help us to learn and evolve.

 It’s has been interesting to see the misuse of masculine energy  (as opposed to physical infringements) as being attributed to just males though – I do get why, particularly in context of the spiritual communities focus on the misused power of Divine Masculine and the reinstatement of the Divine Feminine energy in this cycle.  I think we need to honour both – but they need to be in balance, and to be accepting of Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in us all.



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Hi Deborah,

That was a great sharing.  Thanks for highlighting the complexity of working and aligning the masculine and feminine and also the different ways it can be worked with.  

Interesting you talk about the balance of heart and mind as a route to balancing masculine and feminine.  I find that often the mind is seen as masculine and the heart feminine (I know that's not necessarily what you're implying).  I personally see them as existing within both energies.  For example the logical aspect of the mind could be seen as masculine, but the creative aspect of dreaming up ideas could be seen as feminine.  Interesting contemplation.  

Yes, the misuse of masculine energy has been in the spotlight recently, and rightly so.  Your observation is really interesting.  My personal experience has been the males are more likely to casually misuse the energy on a daily basis.  If females misuse it, it is usually less often, but much more power taking.  Particularly in the workplace.  Just an observation - I remember one person that I worked with was very dominating and power taking - she said that she felt she had to be that way in order to get ahead in male dominated management system.  Interesting that she felt she had to use the misaligned male energy, even though a part of her was already aware that it was misaligned.  

Thanks again for sharing your perspectives.  





Hi Rich, thanks so much for bringing up this essential aspect of divine spirituality. My sense is that quite often, when we're doing spiritual work, or working to develop a deeper divine connection, there's a tendency to frequently come from the divine feminine - from softness and surrender. For me, when you get the sense of the general spiritual mainstream, it's the "Buddha-like" softness and acquiescence that seem to be applauded as something to aim towards. But as you rightly point out, there's the committed, focussed, empowered, courageous and risk taking aspect which is also essential, both within the soul (of all of us) and the to the path too.

I often get the sense that this energy is somehow frowned upon - 'emasculated' even. It would be incredibly self-defeating to do so!

I'm very interested to hear back from all, how do you genuinely regard the aligned aspects of the divine masculine? And most importantly, how do you activate and honour it in you?

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