How to Thrive in 5D Consciousness?

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You may have had expansive flow feelings of 5D consciousness. Usually in the beginning it comes and goes. Here's a video sharing some basic keys in how to live from the expanded 5D consciousness in day to day life. What to watch for, what to tune into...

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Christmas is for sure a tricky one. I've had similar investigations myself. For sure, at least to me, the soul would not choose to do a particular thing because it is a religious tradition laid down annually in the calendar. How can that possibly be aligned with a free flowing soul?

And yet, an aspect of the soul - the ray 4 diplomat - might choose to blend with the energy of the festive period, since it affects so much of the planet. But we need to be very careful here - at least if you want the opportunity to express aligned soul...

Are you doing it simply because of patterning? "it's what we always do".
Are you doing it out of perceived obligation? "I'll ofend so and so if I don't".
Is it fear? Fear that you will upset someone?
Could it be fear that you'll be 'left out' if you don't conform?

If you explore it deeply, you'll likely find that all of these and others too will very possibly come up.
The point is to always be making choices consciously. Even if you don't go with the soul, it's good to know why not? What might be attaching?

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Hi Open,

Good question... To be honest, one-way flights tend to be a lot more expensive than return flights, so somehow at the time some months ago it seemed to make sense to book a return flight back to the Netherlands (thinking I could always still change it or not use the return), but then how to pick the return date? I opted for Christmas at the time, my mind is now trying to fill in all the reasons why I opted for that, but I am honestly not exactly sure. Christmas doesn't have a meaning to my soul, but perhaps it still does to some extent to my ego?

Oh and I resonated with what you wrote in the post before: 'The mind is constantly grasping for something to hang onto, something to give it meaning and purpose.' There is definitely grasping, fear and impatience, probably stopping the emergence of authentic creation, which can be very frustrating to be aware off!


So another question popped in Marije - what process informed your choice to go back to the nettherlands for 'Christmas'?

And what exactly does 'Christmas' mean to the soul?

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Marije, I think the great thing is that you're working into creating an open space. But that is going to take time. It's not an easy place to be in the beginning. The mind is constantly grasping for something to hang onto, something to give it meaning and purpose.

This is very poignant...

This no man’s land feels like a passive place of purposelessness where nothing really seems to be clicking in and I suppose it is that uncertainty/lack of direction gets me nervous or perhaps I should rather say very impatient for something to happen…. Yet I know that as you said in the video that this place of uncertainty and not knowing is probably my gateway to authentic creation and right action.

I've sat there many times, in the 'passive place of purposelessness' - does the universe have a purpose to do any particular thing? It can be a challenging place for sure. But then beingness can arise, just as a vibration, which hardly seems relevant at all, yet can be the origination of some tremendous shift.

To give an example: you say you don't know where you're going in 2020 yet. But you could go practically anywhere. As I understand it, there's no requirement to go to a particular place. Synchronistically I'm in a seemingly similar place, having handed in notice on my current base, which completes on 31st December, yet no future address has yet landed. So I asked why?

I took myself off free wheeling into nature. And as I've described in the philosophy, allowed active attention to guide me to signs and synchronicity. Everywhere my attention was drawn, I was seeing branches crossing or splitting. I realised there was a splitting happening inside of me. I'd experiencing two different pulls, or at least seemingly different. The pull was being captured at the level of mind in a key set of circumstances. So now I worked to sit in that disharmony to determine what was necessary to let go of, and what I needed to embody more. Now alignment has returned. And immediately, a couple of house possibilities emerged.

So my point is that sitting in the space allows active awareness to guide you, which can then reflect into blockages which stop the flow of beingness from emerging. For sure, if there's a grasping, a fear or impatience, it will be enough to stop that emergence, and then we don't create authentically. Hence taking the time to work through the density.

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Dear Open,

Thanks for this video, a timely reminder about how to live from 5D consciousness, which still seems easier said than done! On my own journey I feel I have come to a strange no man’s land in between 3D and 5D, where the 3D route doesn’t seem to work anymore, yet I don’t feel I have really tuned into 5D either. This no man’s land feels like a passive place of purposelessness where nothing really seems to be clicking in and I suppose it is that uncertainty/lack of direction gets me nervous or perhaps I should rather say very impatient for something to happen…. Yet I know that as you said in the video that this place of uncertainty and not knowing is probably my gateway to authentic creation and right action. At the same time, I am still finding the not coming from a place of ‘doing’, but rather from ‘being’ quite a challenge. Or actually I don’t necessarily find just ‘being’ that hard, but rather the guilt that I should be ‘doing’ something and that I can’t just be ‘passive’ forever is the tricky part. The latter is mostly in relation to other people, it is amazing how common the question ‘so what are you ‘doing’ in Malawi/Kenya?’ has been, to which I don't really have had an answer other than ‘I am not doing anything particular here, I am just being here’. At the moment, I am somewhere in rural Kenya hanging out at a friend’s house, but without a clear purpose for being here, so I have all the time of the world and nothing in particular that keeps me ‘busy’, which again gets me pretty restless. And then with a return flight to the Netherlands for Christmas coming closer in 2 weeks and no clue where I will head of what I will be doing in 2020 (other than that I don’t want to stay in the Netherlands for long), the restlessness about the uncertainty is getting stronger, also anticipating the common question that I will be facing soon ‘so what will you be doing next’? I am trying to tell myself that this is all part of the test and that I might be stuck in this passive place for a bit longer, until things will start moving. Apart from trust that will require lots and lots of patience with some of the old conditioning that is used to ‘doing’ mode.


I felt to shoot this short video exploration on the main keys associated with living in 5D consciousness now - to keep things simple. Do share your thoughts and views. The inquiry is always welcome Thumbs Up Sign

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