5D Ascension Shift & Law of Attraction

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An important video exploring the aligned nature of the Law of Attraction, how it works, and most importantly, how to work with the subconscious shadow side that also impacts us. What do you notice in the mirror? How can you work to realign your subconscious shadow side to prevent it derailing you in life?

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I still see loads of info out there in the spiritual mainstream about 'intentional manifesting' or 'setting your intention'. Here at Openhand we're firmly saying that this can only be ego based, because as The One, the impulse to create simply arises.

I came across this quote by the well known spiritual teacher Adyashanti the other day, and it's very aligned with the Openhand view...

"The Spiritual Instinct
arises from the very ground of being.
It arises from the truth of our being -
from a dimension of being that's
just not our personal self."

Adyashanti A revoltuion of Being 2020

This is described in a very similar way to Openhand, in which you're centering in your Sacred Ground of Being (what he calls Ground of Being). From which authentic and natural impulses arise through the soul - what he calls 'spiritual instinct'.

Get what I'm talking about?

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So we go into the Christmas holiday, where some will be celebrating while others suffer the challenges of climate crisis, such as in Australia, where bushfires are growing in intensity during a sweltering heat wave - our thoughts and heartfelt feelings go out to you Heart

I recall being out there during the same time as a well known "intentional manifestor" was holding a big gathering, with thousands of people. It causes me to wonder, can people not look in the mirror of the bigger picture? As people intentional manifest, there's not a clue embodied as to the wider impact of their creations. What is true abundance? We are all one. This is known within intentional manifesting too. Yet is seems few put 2 and 2 together and see that what I put out there intentionally, impacts the whole. And therefore I have a responsibility to the whole as well.

Only the flow itself acts on behalf of the whole. Only the flow knows what's best for ALL sentient life.

Just when will this gross intentioning bubble burst? Soon I trust.

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Hi Jen, it's a great question Thumbs Up Sign

As I believe you allude to first, the thinking patterns directly relate to deeper energetic source convolutions - I witness they are usually the effect of something much deeper. People incarnate with karma, and right from the off, the karma starts to create. That's why it becomes self-defeating to simply work to unwind the thought patterns first.

However I also witness there comes a point where there no longer seems to be any deeper roots to the thought loops. You can tell because when you witness them, if you scan the rest of the bodily field, whilst the mind is doing it's cycles, the rest seems calm and at peace. So it's a good indication that you're only then dealing with mind loops.

But then I do believe it becomes important to deal with the mind loops too. Because they're still limiting. We can apply the mind to manifest creative action, and we'll be much less effective if it's not focussed. So I've found at that stage, is to work to bring all the various creative levels and forces into alignment. Then your creative process becomes very powerful, and yet still not controlling.

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Hi Open!

Great video! I have a question... in some reflections it seems it’s being directly created by the mental plane.... fixed ways of perceiving or beliefs. Up to now I have disregarded that a bit, not putting too heavy an emphasis on correcting my thinking or ways of expressing verbally as it didn’t seem the true causal force of the reflection. However, at some point, would you say it would be true that the energy could be resolved on perhaps other energetic levels and the thinking mind is still recreating circumstances through its fixed patterns? At that point it makes sense to start to break those mental patterns - often I guess too much focus is put primarily on correcting the thinking patterns (and correcting the way of speaking) without first recognizing the source of the thinking. 

Thanks for the video!


Hi Alex - good to hear from you The Sun Emoji

I believe the outer world has a direct correlation with the inner. And what we're really exploring here is the fragmentation of soul within the inner and how that then manifests.

So personally, I don't consider that there is really 'mental illness' or 'psychosis', 'bipolar', 'multiple personality disorder' etc etc. I don't see them as phenomenal things in themselves. Although the terms can be used to point to certain inner states of soul fragmentation. The problem is with labelling them this way is that people get attached to them and fixate on them - they become the reason for people's problems - "I have this or that". I'm not denying that there is a problem, but to me they happen because of soul fragmentation.

I've worked with people with many of these kinds of issues, and I've noticed they can all heal by approaching them from the soul fragmentation point of view. I've watched multiple levels of split personalities break apart by people daring to feel into the epi centre of the pain - which is where the fragmented aspects of soul are to be found. And so this is why regression work in meditation is so profoundly powerful. You look into the outer mirror of what you're creating and use it to illuminate the inner layers of fragmentation felt as tightness.

This is where honestly working with the Law of Attraction can be so powerful.

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Fantastic video Open! I just watched it right through. As you may remember, I've been very interested in the Law of Attraction for over 10 years, & have worked with it in various ways, including deliberate, conscious manifestation processes. Yes, I know it works with the "positive" (what we might like, enjoy, find pleasurable, want, or want more of) & also with the "negative" (that which we don't want, is painful, uncomfortable, destructive, harmful, abusive, etc), & I understand that both positive & negative are aspects of the flow, the one, the wholeness of who we truly are.

I was struck by a question you asked - what don't I like in my life?  I immediately wrote some things down in response:

Emotional pain - the distress I'm often in.

The frustration I have of not being able to do ordinary things, or do them quickly.

The mental illness I experience, which could currently be described as Complex PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and/or anxiety, & how I often feel numbed out or disconnected.

My isolation - not having many people around me physically who "get me".

Lack of outer fulfilment in my life currently - no job, career or relationship.

You will notice that most of these are inner rather than outer aspects of life, at least the first three for sure. It makes me wonder how the Law of Attraction operates in the inner world as well as the outer world, for example what is my mental illness mirroring to me?

Those are just some first reactions to your video, which has come at a synchronistic time for me.

I may post again shortly.



There must be a zillion Law of Attraction videos out there, but do bear with me!

I haven't come across many that encourage us to own the shadow aspects that ALSO draw according to this very natural law.

Yes, the subconscious shadow creates aswell!

If are prepared to honour and embrace this fact, then we're empowered to work with it and can gain greatly from it. By processing and integrating what we draw, we can find more aligned pathways through life. We become more whole and complete.

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