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Cedar - Openhand Spiritual Facilitator

Who Am I?

My journey to ‘here’, as an Openhand Facilitator, has felt very much like a kind of epic-discombobulated adventure…perhaps you might relate to that last bit?  

Apparently I’m 60 years here, on this planet in this body, however a Walk-in experience in 2002 changed all the earthy markers of ‘Me’ in time and all relevance to ‘My’ life. And, even if there were some blueprint for the previous nearly two decades of my life-experience then I was not made aware of it. After April 2, 2002 absolutely nothing made sense to me anymore; Not my name, Not my appearance nor the local cuisine and ‘customs’, not even the weather patterns. Thus, this life experience as a Walk-in continues to reveal ‘Me’ as more of a Cosmic Traveler with other abilities: such as expressing healing and catalyzing Light Languages; communicating with Gaia’s Elementals like the Water, Rock and Tree Clans; plus telepathic connections with other sentient life.

You see, We all have a different Start-Point.

We all have struggles including feeling profound self-doubt.

For many of us there are places inside of our hearts which still scare us.

Maybe, we’re not so different after all?

So, Who Am I? I am a reflection of You.

And in knowing this, in being able to be this, I can be of profound service to You.

What I’m Offering

My primary style of Facilitation is Alchemizing Fear, through Catalytic with Empathic sensing, using the Openhand methods, such as ancient Breath Work, Chakra Singing & Kriya Yoga techniques; Body movement and Dance as well as Crystal Bowl sound bath, all paired with music to create a safe, compassionate and nurturing environment. Ultimately it's about the expression and release of, paralyzing fears, deep emotional, physical, Karmic (Past Life) residues and other* energies.

*My personal experience with Entities and Implants (including AI-Artificial Intelligence intrusions) are that these energies are absolutely the new reality of life in the 3rd and 4th densities. We can safely remove them through deep awareness using the Openhand techniques.

Facilitation & Integration of Plant Medicine Ceremony Experience

For nearly 3 years of my life journey I explored the mysterious world of Plant Medicine. While in Sacred Ceremony I appreciated the incredibly vivid, and at times, deeply disturbing realms of the Grandmother Medicine, Ahyuasca. The ceremony experience can feel both very overwhelming and confusing. Questions can arise during and after a Journey, which can leave one feeling disconnected from center, or Self. What's all too often missing from such ceremonies is the essential requirement for integration at a soul level. My integration work applies Openhand Facilitation techniques, in a thorough and diligent way, so as to properly integrate soul in the new multidimensional landscape the practitioner finds themselves in.

How to Connect With Me

In my Home, in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

Also, Zoom or Phone Sessions are available.

Come, if you feel called, and join me on this Epic Journey to Self!

Email: Journeytoself@protonmail.com

What it Costs

I offer the Sliding-Scale method. My rate is $90-165 USD for 2 hour sessions which includes a brief consultation. Find your place on the scale and we’ll meet there.

Cedar - Stage 3 Openhand Facilitator

Cedar is a colourful and deeply experienced Cosmic Traveler. She has worked the inner layers diligently over many years in this lifetime and countless past ones. Thus she's developed a deeply intuitive reading of the multidimensional field, which she can readily call upon in session. The client receives a profound view of what's holding and blocking. Her work in plant medicine integration is game changing - she does the crucial integration work that is so often missing. Cedar is fearlessly adept at confronting the complexities of entities and implants in the field and helping dispatch them. You will be well served and looked after. <<< Open 🙏


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Aw! My heart is bursting with joy seeing you listed as a facilitator here Michelle! I’ve known you for more than a year now and am always awed of how aware you are of your words, emotions and the energy you bring to the sessions. You beautifully sustain the state of presence and have a great ability to bring to light any toxicity from the mind/body/spirit plus identifying and removing etheric implantations or entity connections. In our training sessions, I’ve watched you accompanying the person being facilitated gently and unflinchingly as they journey into the depths of their experience. Whatever arises – pain, tears, laughter, anger, numbness, resistance, surrender, defensiveness, shame, realisations, insights, or blocks – you stay fully present, holding the space for wherever the process wants to flow. Truly a blessing as remarkable effects are being seen and felt. Sending you much love my friend! 💛







Great to read your bio Michelle. You are rich in experience, humility and wisdom. I was fortunate to have had one session with you on the last facilitator conference and that was enough to know your ability as a great facilitator. It blew me, how quickly you guided me right into the pain body and how you held the space for it to be unraveled and my soul to unleash. Thankyou and all the best for your journey ahead 🙏

Sky ( Vimal ) ❤


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Hi Sky! Thank you for those sweet words of appreciation:)

I remember that conference well! We, you and me and Desi (plus Tilly popped into our space a few times too!) exploring our skills and all those incredible energies which came in for a visit. Though, the highlight for me, was when we also got to listen to your, beautiful, ethereal voice as you guided us, seemingly without any effort, through that incredible group journey. Thant was truly unforgettable Sky!

It's both exciting and awe inspiring to watch you as you develop your own unique style of Facilitation.  

So many blessing to you Sky.

Cedar (Michelle) 


Heart Such a great day, your presence as a Facilitator is so welcomed! 

I have been constantly touched by your journey; the clarity of expressionStar Emoji humilityStar Emoji and wisdomStar Emoji 
We are truly blessed to have you as part of the Facilitator Community.

Feeling so much gratitude Praying EmojiPraying EmojiPraying Emoji for you joining our team and sending much love your way,

Tilly Heart



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I'm feeling your love and all the sincerity in your words Tilly. Thank you! It feels so good indeed to be here.

And, as you would already know...It took some epic unravelling but I wouldn't change any of that. I learned it takes hitting more than a few brick walls, falling down again and again then meeting my most vulnerable self-all just to understand this journey to my heart. 

Whenever I'm in retreat I'm always so delighted and so grateful to see your presence and gentle self there to support! 

Such huge appreciation for you Tilly.

Love Love, Cedar xo


Such an uplifting news to read that we have you on board Michelle Shark (that smiley wanted to be here, the dolphin energy is quite happy)

I remember so many moments where i was deeply touched by your way of being and expressing, such a pleasure to have you here Hugging I can feel it now writing the message

This is really a good time to shift gears and bring your service to a new level! Wow!

Much love,



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Thank you sincerely Thomas! Such a sweet feeling inside as I read your words but then feel your authentic self through them.

I do feel the time is right for this type of offering and certainly Open's confidence played a huge part of my arrival to here. It's also so great to get your reflection on that.

I'm very excited for you to get the call to support us all through the upcoming Quantum Shift Retreat!  This is just wonderful Thomas:) See you there!

So much Love, Cedar (Michelle) xo


I'm absolutely thrilled that Openhand may now offer the tremendous experience of Michelle into the facilitator network. As you read her biog, I'm sure you'll get the sense of a deeply travelled soul with a rich and diverse spiritual experience. I've sat many times in circle with her, where she's been clearly able to reflect and articulate the complex dancing landscape that's expressing - what energies and beings are moving there.

I'm especially thankful that we now have someone whose also very experienced in the world of plant medicine journeying. BUT PARTICULARLY the integration work that's so necessary, and so often neglected, in the wider plant medicine community. She offers a game-changer approach in this regard.

If you resonate with Michelle's biog, and what her facilitation work is about, do get in touch.

Thrilled to have you on board Michelle!

Open 💙🙏

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For anyone out there intrigued and called to become a facilitator in the shift, the Openhand Facilitator Development Program is cutting edge, groundbreaking, and game-changing. Be prepared, it is a thorough multidimensional learning approach. You can discover what's involved here...

Openhand Facilitator Development Program

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Thank you so much Open! Your confidence and belief have carried me, and continue to, through some very emotionally tricky times. 

It's really been a tremendous deconstruction/reconstruction process to get to here. But also, always accepting the invitation of opening up into something greater. And, respecting those brave people who have already been entrusting me with their own unravelling, who have gifted me such unlikely reflection and emotional expansion.

What can I say...this process called 'Facilitation' is truly something to marvel at! 

Huge appreciation for you Open:)

Cedar (Michelle) xoxo