Hi Open,

These line literally snapped something in me to sit up and notice. Life itself provides as a passage to travel to the oneness, yet our distortions make it seem otherwise! How contradicting!

Quoting you- "In every moment of life, we are invited to make choices. If we examine the patterns the choices fall into, we will notice each one invites us to express either our distortions or gifts of beingness at the heart of the distortions. The distortions cause us to express our separation from unity consciousness and on the other hand, our gifts cause us to reunite both ourselves and others with the "absolute" - the Void of Silence. It's like we're either making choices based on control and limitation or instead, absolute freedom of unbridled authentic expression."

Every moment we can consciously choose to uncover our soul and shine through life. This revelation was important and precious to me...Open, I can not express. Thank you so much. Yet, distortions are powerful. Bypassing them is challenging but worthwhile task.

Here, I would want to ask you a mortal question: What would happen if I continually try and express the unity consciousness to all the other separation conscious souls?

Love and Light,