I felt to respost this article again today to help you on the path. I know plenty are going through difficult and challenging times. Have faith, it is these challenges we need in order to forge the soul. At a surface level we might 'want' an easy path, with everything just effortlessly clicking in around you. But in actual fact, what your soul signed up for, were challenges through which to evolve and grow. And when you're in the midst of such a growth challenge, where the way forwards appears dark and cloudy, what you're really looking for to emerge, is a new aspect of beingness, a new frequency of soul. This is why YOU created the challenge in the first place!

So do check out the article above, The Soul's Purpose and the 7 Rays of Consciousness, and if you'd like me to reflect to you about a situation you're currently facing, I'll happily do so.

In loving support

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