11/02/2021 Journal Update - Express Yourself: I'm currently having a great time with a group of intrepid souls discovering how to Thrive in this new 3D/5D hybrid state that is forming around us. Of course it's all about coming from the soul. And in any given situation, the challenge is to discover and unleash what authentic vibration of soul wants to come through now? If we can discover this, then our problems are solved. You don't have to think up the solution for the moment because the soul weaves and manifests a new landscape of possibility around it.

That's why today I felt to feature this all time popular Openhand article about the 7 rays of expression of the soul. In this approach, we consider that the soul has (at least) 7 frequencies of being, that is each a frequency of light, which is what we witness when white light is refracted to create the rainbow. You're literally seeing the frequencies of Unity Consciousness that forms the soul. And these frequencies form something I call the "Soul Ray Harmonic". It's bascially how the various characteristics of your soul resonate to unleash your authentic beingness in any given moment. Just like playing a musical instrument, there can be nothing more important that finding this attunement.

The Soul's Purpose and the 7 Rays


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