The transition to a higher vibrationary realm
Ascension is an entirely natural evolutionary process at work in the Universe. It is where a particular life system raises its vibrationary state from one energetic Realm of Existence to another higher one. Put simply, it is rather like tuning into another station on the radio...

The Universe is not as traditional science would have us believe and not what we have been conditioned to think by society. It exists as a vast ocean of consciousness where every single "part" is interconnected and manifested in layers known as "Dimensional Realms". So for example our Physical Realm, where the centre of consciousness of most people dwells is the 3rd Dimensional Realm - that of space - with the 4th dimension surrounding it. The next higher realm is the 5th with the 4th dimension acting as a 'bridge' between the two.

Why is it that this model of reality is not generally accepted within society? The reality we each experience is born from our beliefs about that reality. We are each exposed to billions of bits of incoming information every second but the physical brain can only process a very small fraction of these. To cope with the overload, it superimposes a map of the reality we expect upon the incoming information and filters out the rest. Since we manifest the experience we bring our consciousness to, most of us therefore only experience a wafer thin slice of what is available to us.

However, if we are able to release ourselves from attachment to the external drama of life in this Realm, then we begin to still the internal noise of thought and emotion. Our internal metabolism quietens, tension and efforting is eased and our vibration rises. In turn our consciousness begins to expand into new layers of our being and in particular into our "light body". When this starts to take place, we are beginning to unfold into the new paradigm and taste the interconnectivity of all life. Our intuitive and psychic capabilities are initiated and we begin to notice more the synchronisitic co-creativity of life.

At some point on this miraculous inner journey, we become acquatinted with the next higher vibrational realm experienced through the patterning of all events in this lower plane of existence. We realise that all along we have been living not in one world but two where one overlaps the other. Our Planetary System is ascending to the higher realm, the Soul of the Earth is already centering her consciousness in the 5th Dimension and extends energies - a bridge - into this 3rd Dimension. She is inviting us to relinquish attachment to the old plane and join her in the higher one. It is a process due to complete around 2012.

Currently on earth there is a 'quickening' where more and more people are realising there is much more to reality than meets the eye and are beginning to explore their consciousness. As we open up to the higher consciousness, we allow in a powerful energetic force which guides our individual evolutionary journey if we allow it to.

In short it takes us out of the mind and into the heart to explore our genuine inner longing expressed as authentic characteristics of our soul. It helps us strip away the conditioned desires and illusionary needs instilled by society. The Soul is our pathway and is completely aligned with the evolutionary journey many are now embarking on. Our immediate destiny is ascension into the next higher realm.