Hi Aline - its really great to have you back on the forum - glad all is well with you :smile:

To me a good "higher self" meditation begins by 'getting above the senses'. What do I mean by this? Well, it begins by bringing attention up to the fontanel - the crown chakra - because that changes our centre of perception from being (usually) just behind the centre of the forehead to being above the 5 senses.

In which case we are moving the centre of our perception beyond the usual physical - and therefore lower self - dimensions.

Before I go further I feel I should add that of course space and time are illusions - there is no 'higher' or 'lower', there is no 'up there' just as there is no 'in here' or 'out there'. There is only the perception of these things.

What we're really doing then is exploring what you might call different layers of consciousness and in order to explore new layers, it helps to change our perception from what we usually experience.

So back to the meditation...

Mine is heavily influenced by the ancient Kriya meditations brought to the west by Paramahansa Yogananda in the 1930's. Kriya is many hundred (if not thousands) of years old and has helped bring many people to enlightenment.

In the meditation we breathe with attention in the crown chakra and this begins to move perception into new layers. I use the model that my higher self is above me and begin by focussing consciousness in the higher self.

So as you inhale, feel the higher self - as light - being drawn downwards to the crown. Then when fully inhaled, hold the breath and feel the higher self focussing in this place - feel yourself harnessing that higher vibration.

Then as you exhale, breathe the light downwards through the fontanel and into the body - but always keeping your attention in the crown. Do this for some minutes.

Now that we've focussed in the higher self, the key is to bring the experience of that into the body. So after this first stage, we then bring attention down into the 'dan ten' - the pelvic region.

Now as you inhale, draw the light down into the pelvis and as you've filled, then immediately begin to exhale the energy (light) out through the body in waves and then out into your surrounding field and then back into the universe - this we call "whale breathing".

When you're truly skilled at it, you can feel your whole body filling with light and it can bring on an intensely blissful feeling.

Finally, after some minutes of this type of breathing, switch now to "butterfly breathing". This is a light inhale followed immediately by a light exhale and then hold the breath just until you feel the natural impulse to inhale again.

Let the breathing settle right down until it is practically unnoticeable in the background of your experience. Then when fully settled, move your consciousness around your body releasing and easing any tension. Know that as you release the tightness, that area of the body (a blockage) is being transmuted and filled with light.

After some minutes of this, simply allow your attention to drift off where it will. This part can be deeply transcendent. It is at this point people frequently touch the "seer" - the absolute non identified awareness through all things. It is a taste of enlightenment.

I feel I should also express that people get vastly different experiences from this meditation depending on where they are at on their journey. So it only really works by perseverance and surrender - any practice is only ever as good as our ability to let go and truly explore ourselves beyond mind and body.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes