Hi Caitriona,

Thanks for your post and sharing. You're most welcome here.
Its wonderful that you feel so filled with love. Its a fantastic feeling isn't it? A sure sign that you've been through the initial awakening.

I can completely understand it if you feel at odds with your friends, family and those around you. Its difficult to understand the Awakening unless you've first been through it yourself. Society generally does not recognise spiritual awakening and we can encounter judgment and negativity as a result.

So what to do next?

My advice would be to always ask your soul and let it begin to guide you through life rather than using mind led intention to do things. I would watch for the opportunity to meet new people more in line with your new consciousness. Perhaps seek out organisations that can assist - maybe a meditation of yoga group for example.

The next stage is to learn how to really listen to the soul. How it guides us through life and how we create our reality according to the level of consciousness we hold within. Our course "Way of the Heart" helps people really tune into higher guidance and unfold the way of being that best serves us.

To me, this is what the next stage is really all about. To transition from trying to change, create or manifest our outer world according to our limited wants or desires, and instead focus on how we are being; finding and expressing in every moment our highest truth and allowing our beingness to shape events accordingly. This is the Gateway 2 transition called "Realignment".

If we do that, we will be guided on a magical pathway - the destined pathway of the soul.

Best wishes on your journey of unfolding!