Hi Elf,

I do indeed think it would be worth reading the book because it goes into quite some detail about it all.

In brief, the point is that Gaia is multi-dimensional and we are being invited to become that too. Although her CENTRE OF CONSCIOUSNESS is moving, that doesn't mean everything will come to an end in the Third Dimension when she does. We may experience degrees of disruption on the surface, but the change will be fairly mild as a result of Gaia's shift of consciousness.

I should add... that's not to say there won't be a good degree of turmoil in the years ahead, but other reasons will cause that. For example Climate Change which will likely speed up and then the human response to that. It could likely cause the fragmentation of the global financial system. Dwindling energy reserves like oil, and the fact that China is trying to snap up oil reserves and other energy will also likely cause great disruption.

At the same time as all this is going on (and I can use the present tense because it's already happening), the in flows of consciousness will strengthen as more and more people wake up. What I see is a 'parting of the waves'. Many will likely buy into the collapsing fear based reality and not be able to open enough to experience the internal shifts. Others will be inspired to go inwards and the crumbling old reality may in fact catalyse that for them.

But there is no fixed time as to when we can ascend. Neither is there a fixed 'cut-off' point so to speak. I have read much dis-information and in my perspective delusion about this. We're not all going to ascend together in some magical wave at a fixed day and time. Yes at the consciousness level we are working together, but for each person, the journey is an individual one and can take many years of consistent and committed action. Nothing can really short cut the process - we can catalyse it, but we still have to complete the entire process (as I've explained in my book).

So as long as human life in this Third Dimension is possible, then there is the possibility to complete the Ascension process here.

I trust this sheds a little more light.

Best wishes