Hi Folks,

I felt to draw attention to this "Awakened Living View" today, because I think it's highly relevant as people step into the New Year - it's often when people are ready to embrace new change in their lives.

I'd say the real key to spiritual growth is this...

Embrace exactly what presents without needing to change or push it away, and without attaching to what is going on. Really feel into it, with every ounce of your awareness. Explore into the tightness, as if somehow, your clothes have shrunk in the wash. Use the breath to connect with soul consciousness and progressively 'expand the suit' until it breaks apart. You'll find this attunement starts to bring you into the Void of Infinite Potential. Then exciting new aspects of beingness are unleashed and with that, Right Action starts to flow as a path of synchronistic light.

Have a great day. Have a great life!

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