I had an awesome experience today. I'd applied for a shared ownership house in December, following the pull and several synchronicities. A small house that would take some adjusting to, a release of lots of physical 'stuff' which felt reflective of everything falling away over the last few months, of coming back to nothing, and felt good to be comfortable with letting go.

Yesterday I had a profound breakthrough with feeling into everything / nothing and the void of presence and straight after received notice that we had been accepted for the house - it felt reflective of the shift in perspective and a new beginning.

So today I felt to swing by and check all still felt right and also look at the access alley at the back of the house as I hadn't seen it. I was so shocked that it was full of dog poo - nothing like standing in dog muck to get your attention!

I was confused by what felt like conflicting signs, everything had been pulling toward going for the house, I had put quite a lot of energy and attention into it and processes had come up in relation to it. So it pulled me up short - I was trying to figure out what it all meant, getting nowhere fast and realised that the shock had brought me out of connection and I was coming from my head. So I dropped back into my body and stillness and straight away questions started popping in...

Who am I? Does this house reflect who I am? Imagine standing in the house etc. So I imagined myself standing in the house and straight away I felt restricted, like I couldn't fully expand my energy field out, cramped, boxed in!

I realised that the house ticked all the boxes, location for school, cosy, affordable etc and that there is no right or wrong simply a case of the universe responding according to my energy and beliefs and perhaps the house was a match before but after the experience of the void it no longer was but most of all it was the most powerful lesson in belief, because if I believe I need to limit myself or am attached to the belief that because I have children at school I need to stay in a particular area, or I am happy to squish myself into a small terraced house, or accept a concrete garden when I love nature it will surely meet me there. I know that none of those things are wrong, simply a reflection of the beliefs and conditioning that I hold within my consciousness.

The exploration showed me that when I really check in, I want to express as expansive and free, that I am expansive and free, that I choose to embrace trust and infinite possibility, (whatever that ends up looking like), rather than perceived limitation.

Feels so awesome to land this and the understanding of how coming back to nothing opens up everything!