Hi Michelle,

It's a really powerful exploration of authentic doing coming from authentic being. I especially liked this...

Who am I? Does this house reflect who I am? Imagine standing in the house etc. So I imagined myself standing in the house and straight away I felt restricted, like I couldn't fully expand my energy field out, cramped, boxed in!

So there's the temptation to go for something because it presents (perhaps even synchroncities point that way), but it's essential to realise that BOTH the aligned aspect of oneself AND the distorted will produce synchronicity and manifest possibility. 

In knowing this, you consciously placed yourself in the possibility but felt the restriction (in your body - in your proposed 'house'). Clearly the cramped sense of it meant you were in the distortion and so it was necessary to work it through. Often some kind of unconscious judgment will create that... "I'm not successful enough, I won't afford it, I'm not supported enough". So it's essential what distortion is manifested and work into it so as to release it - maybe I go for a compromise situation based on a slight lack of trust.

Once you know the moment is creating from your distortion, then work into it to release it. That's when the authentic aspect of soul, through that inquiry, will then come through. Now you'll manifest a more aligned vehicle (or in this case house) to express into.

Brilliant exploration!

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