ad 1: We´re supposed to trust in ourselves.

ad 2: We learn to trust ourselves by living through experiences that truly challenge our fixed and programmed idea(s) of who we are.

ad 3: Trust has levels to it. But in order to see these levels we often have to go all in. This approach is natural and will teach us the lessons we need to learn.

ad 4: Trust is rightfully earned. But I personally trust certain people instinctively. It is very intuitive.

ad 5: The Very Flow Itself. And the individual strength that flows from it.

ad 6: It actually is, because otherwise we would be blinded. Doubt is necessary in order to advance along a mature path.

ad 7: Balance is necessary between trust and doubt. Our intuition leads the way. "I trust that I doubt" and "I doubt that I trust" are two equally important sentences springing directly from our intuition. If we are fooled, we are not ever fooled by our intuition but by our judgement of her.