For sure.

The Universe does not concern itself with these terms. But we humans..we are both part of the Universe (via our consciousness) and creators of realities within its realm. We have created the world we are in now. We are creating and co-creating it every day, I think. You mention time..In time misalignments will straighten out, will fall into this must mean my words seem impatient. That´s right, I´m impatient. I do not regret my words but I am grateful for the invitation to see things from another perspective. Thank you.

Anger has such a bad name. But I see it as natural faced with a world upside down where natural things have become questionable and distortion the norm. It does anger me. But I may be able to bear it lighter in the days to come, who knows. Your words and mine seem to me to belong to two equally essential elements: Water and fire.

Thank you for pointing to the still waters. I feel at peace.

Sending you all good.