I’ve had several sessions with Marije now and she’s really helped me access and move some deeply embedded “crap” on many levels. 😊 Her naturally catalytic nature matches well with a practical and inquisitive intellect. She has a direct, honest, matter-of-fact “let’s get to it, shall we?” approach that I greatly admire and appreciate!

Speaking from a (my) masculine perspective, I felt very supported by her calm, non-judgmental presence.  No matter how weird or unsettling the subject matter coming up might be, Marije holds an open space with a deep sense of constructive empathy. And a great sense of humor.Smiling With Sweat Emoji

For me, her gifts have resulted in a greater sense of grounded physical and emotional embodiment, and an acceleration in working through multiple karmic distortions that would’ve likely taken me months of avoidance before I finally got tired of ignoring them.

I’d love to say she’s a joy to work with – and she truly is, but that’s not giving her the right kind of credit – the joy is in the reintegration and healing she guides and inspires! Would definitely recommend.