I felt to add some more insight into this critical phase in the 5D Shift - where the pull from the old paradigm meets the pull from the new. What we're calling the "Inflexion Point".

It's highly likely there'll be a strong increase in very challenging symptoms in people around you. What might these be and why are they happening?

  1. Firstly, the light is now starting to "pull-through" the old consciousness of the existing karmic reality construct. So as you attune to your personal path of light within that movement - you soul's path - then it can feel like being pulled in two opposing directions. Some choices will seem impossible to reconcile. In these times, my advice is to sit with the impossibility. Don't try to figure things out logically. Just accept the impossibility and see what it does inside. Then work through any tightening constriction. You unwind it, which then brings more light through the situation. As you do this, new creative possibility and opportunity will present - new ways and resources to help you move through.
  2. There will likely be a lot of attachment, anxiety and fear at times around you. It's because people sense the pulling away of their foundations. Hold the space for people to express - hold a safe boundary for them to express into. Work to bring greater peace and acceptance.
  3. There will likely be increased suicidal tendencies in people at times. Because there'll be an increase of despondency and hopelessness - the old reality is going downhill and there's a struggle to find the accelerating light. Keep reminding yourself (and others) of the beauty of life - that life is also in constant change and transformation. Work to let go and follow the sense of inner truth.
  4. More people will likely suffer 'psychotic' tendencies. These happen as the mind struggles to cope with the unravelling of the reality they've been bound into. The ego struggles to find some new foundation. We need to hold the space for them, and keep reminding them of their inner light. Then that layer of ego can be allowed to collapse, which causes the fragment of soul caught in the old paradigm to reintegrate with the flow of light. A new, more stabilised consciousness emerges.

So here are just another few symptoms of the Inflexion point to be mindful of.

In loving support

Open heart