Hi Open. I feel this to be a really important article - thank you! And also to say that I am feeling the effects of this 'inflexion point' in many situations in my life - and in particular with clients (and I'm wondering if other facilitators within the Openhand facilitator network will be feeling this too)?

I think that a lot of us felt for a long time that this time would come - when the 'two worlds' became pronounced and started, as it were, 'splitting apart'. It's sad in many ways - it's a period of profound loss on many levels - but this doesn't need to be a bad thing! Essentially it's a wonderful, magic-filled time with opportunities for much joy and expanded beingness, as we learn to let go into the new 5D world. And I feel for me that's the thing that helps those I'm working with the most - particularly those who are feeling a degree of desperation with the passing of the old (including, say, some terror, some shame, perhaps, or a feeling to fight to preserve the status quo) - the reality that we don't need to do anything sophisticated to move into the new... we really just need to give ourselves permission to be fully ourselves - no holds barred, learn to fully feel and learn to let go! But of course, sometimes it's the simplest things that are the hardest ones to do!
Much love - and thanks again for this article! <3