Hi Open,

Thank you for this article. Something you wrote here helped me find words for a feeling I have been having from some time.

We know that reality is woven together by 'strings' of consciousness, that all life forms from the background 'quantum soup'. Even though things appear as hard and separate and solid, these are perceptions in a consensus reality, which creates a karmic construct - a crucible - through which to learn evolve and grow.

A consensus reality would also mean that the way this reality shows us our karma and expects us to work through them is based on consensus. So our external circumstances for any soul is a function of its own karma and the consensus within this reality about how the results of karma should be dished to souls.

Many people in education now agree that different students learn in different ways and there is an attempt to change the way students are taught to account for this difference. But, perhaps, the way the karmic system seems to work is still the old school way. So the same kind of challenges are given to everyone regardless of whether these challenges would help the soul process their karma or it would actually create more harm. So souls at the minority end of the consensus spectrum may have to deal with two challenges: the OC and the way this reality dishes out challenges to process their karma.

This is a thought I have been having for some time but I don't know if there's any truth to it or if it's just way off the mark. Will really appreciate if you can share your views...

Thank You & Namaste!

Parag smiley