Hi Parag - welcome to the exploration - an interesting thought.

I think the important thing to note is that karma isn't 'dished out' as such - it's not an intentional thing. It's the result of where the soul is at on it's journey. So in places where it's not self-realised - ie realising of the One Self - then karma creates and builds.

Everyone has unique and individual karma based on their own unique journey. And at the same time, there are group karmic themes that bring people together as a 'consensus'. Meaning the soul accepts to gather within a group and create a reality for a group exploration.

Where OC (Opposing Consciousness) is concerned, I observe it hones in on karmic blockages and exploits them. Which, at the same time, if we're prepared to own our own stuff, shines a light onto them. Meaning we then know what we have to work with.

I trust this helps

Open smiley