Interesting article, Open. The part that stirred me most was the bit about the “Inflection Point”.  Some elements of the astral journey you described resemble a dream I had few nights ago. I feel like briefly sharing what I experienced through that dream:

I find myself in a cave-like space. It feels constricting but familiar. The walls of the cave are made out of a living fabric, which I recognize as my own creation, perhaps even an extension of me. I notice an irregularity in the fabric and as I approach it I recognize it is an opening, beginning of a cuff-like passage. I know it is time to go through it. There is some faint resistance, attachment to the familiarity of the cave. I slide in the passage without looking back. The passage seems to be mimicking my internal state – it tightens when I’m feeling constricted inside and my movement within it slows down. So, I let go more, soften further and I begin to move through again. There is no fear, no concern, just temporary tightness sensations within, letting go, spiraling further…  The time and space feel just right. Actually, there is no sense of time, it doesn’t feels important. I finally come out on “the other side” and it looks like cosmos, groups of galaxies, entire universes and such a vastness of space in between it all. I breathe in the space and allow it to fill me up. I also notice that I just pulled through the whole cave fabric and it is now facing outwards instead of forming an enclosed space. All this feels really good and there is a sense of calmness and normalness of the situation.

Since I had the dream, my consciousness split up from the mind. The latter seems slower and I’m noticing its processes as if they were happening in a slow motion. I seem to be living in a world of mind constructs, concepts created out of thin air, designed to flow the consciousness into 3D shapes. My awareness also underwent a slight shift in time. As things are happening throughout the day I’m noticing a slight delay between the actions and the consciousness. This part is very tricky to explain… the consciousness feels ahead and already knows what will happen a split second before it is happening, so the 3D world acts like an echo.

Wishing you all well.