"pause, sit in the impossibility. Go within, right into the heart of the tightness. You're actually touching the convolution of the old consciousness inside yourself"

When I read this part Open it hit me right between the eyes so to say!

Very recently I sat in front of someone (my father) and he was coming on full throttle at me Ouff! Not yelling yet very emotional and just guns a blazing .

I had a few disagreements with him in our week together but this one night at supper ..wow.

I paused and listened to understand him, I had mediated that night and inquired within why I was not able to create that bridge of communication with him, maybe I sensed the onslaught...lol...I felt at peace that night.

there is no doubt we really do not have the same outlook whatsoever...I also came to the realization that it is me that is becoming so different, I see things so differently at times, it even surprises me....it made me realize I need to be more understanding of his frustration with me which I feel is coming, I sense it, Now my challenge is expressing myself and not have him feel so defensive all the time. however in your other thread I will look to use your empowering reply over the holidays if the situation comes up.