I felt to draw attention to this previous "Inflexion Point" article for everyone at this time. I sense we're entering a critical new phase in the shift. There are lots of underlying movements within Gaia herself - a building of earthquake and volcanic activity.

I'm sensing that what's actually taking place, is the beginning of the breakdown for the karmic construct we're living in. It's a little too soon to call for sure, I'm feeling some major Gaia event will signal that; if my premonition comes to fruition, that's going to signal global impacts on a massive scale. I feel it's beginning on the physical plane, which will cause insecurity from those still invested in the old system. My sense is this is reflected synchronistically in the US/Israel/Iran heightening tension - the shift through the inflexion point is manifesting on the hugely distorted plane of the intellect. But it will impact on all the other levels too - emotional and karmic. 

Meditation is going to be essential, especially including deep consciousness bodywork and movement - let any building energy flow through you; let your consciousness transform and then integrate in new alignments. Best not to ignore what is taking place. I felt to share this video with deep insights into the current earthquake/volcanic activity that is building across the earth - it's all interrelated, because everything is of consciousness. Let's stay intune and aware folks, then we'll ride the transformations of our reality more smoothly - we'll be increasingly ready for what is to come...


In loving support

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