Yes, absolutely, many people I connect with are feeling it too. Some perceive it as, as you said, a wake up call and having major synchronicities around that. I also see people locked up in bubbles of consciousness that are distorted and untrue, but feeling "normal". I even fall in some of those bubbles myself, but recently I just find it very unappealing and my energy doesn't want to go there.

Losing myself in an illusion was just a coping mechanism as I wasn't able to metabolize certain frequencies of light. Truth to me is light. Those frequencies were bearable only for short moments and then the fear would pull me back into the numbing comfort of the illusion. It took many back-and-forths to extract my soul from some of those bubbles. We're entangled in an elaborate mechanism of survival and enveloped in a sense of scarcity since birth. It sometimes takes time and honest self-work get beyond that. And at times it's just a matter of a decision. It feels great to witness a delusion crumbling in front of my eyes followed by this tremendous stillness. 

Anyways, this was going to be a short post....

Wishing you all well and happy crumbling!


PS: I feel like adding that there is a great divine wisdom in how things are flowing right now. Ultimately the flow supports the realignment and I feel its power and wisdom when I'm sincerely aligned with my own essence. So, by allowing the truth of who I am I get to contribute more to the Universe's aspiration towards the greater consciousness. Others are playing their role as intended and as well as they can.