He Jennaya, i resonate with what you are saying as i used to have similar concerns of being heard/acknowlidged on the forum.  For example, when leaving a comment of some personal and vulnerable nature on the forum, i noticed a dependency on being replied or heard in some way. In the past, I would notice myself checking throughout a day if i received any reply and if nothing came i noticed to become anxious.  

It happened on a few occasions but then i stayed with the feeling.  Then i realized that Openhand forum is in itself a great tool or reflection to my own subtle attachments or shadow identities so i let go and it no longer bothers me if i get a reply or a specific kind of reply.  The main thing is to put it out there - make your statement/inquiry.  

Having said all of the above, i should add that the forum is alive and most of the time you get some feedback but if not - that means there is a reason (like in my case). Now that i think of it, i think it was only once that i didn't get a feedback but that only helped me see myself better.  So either way, it works.

Great inquiry!

With Love,