Tuned in this morning, internally still, no agenda, just sitting. And I find myself in a glass box…

 I see and feel up and down as far as the eye can see. I feel out and all around, it is beautiful, I know it, I am it.

 I am experiencing it as though experiencing nature through a window, not as clearly as in person, muffling the song of the birds, wind in the trees. Dulling the colour, not embracing… Rather I glimpse, tune in and briefly touch upon.

 I am aware that the box is restricting my physical being; that I feel contained, scrunched around the neck and shoulders and become aware of the physical mis-balance between left and right within my being, a mis-alignment I have been aware of for quite a while.

 I hear the words “Are you ready”? Tears spring to my eyes. I am ready and all it takes is a gentle blow and the glass panels fall away to nothing, as though they never existed and I am experiencing full colour and expression, the kiss and embrace of all coming into being and of all simply being. I melt into it, embody it in and through every cell, feeling the blueprint for the universe and all that is first hand in this experience and repeated in every tiny cell of my being… and repeated in and through all beings.

 I see infinitely down, into the core of the earth and beyond. I see infinitely up, to the stars, galaxies and beyond, I feel love and the flow of giving emanating through my front and I feel infinite support from all guides, angels and ancestors from behind. They speak to me of being all that is, the support, that all beings, experiences and expressions are in support, in flow.

To the sides I feel the arc of infinite knowledge, unfolding and wisdom and feel it all converging, present in this moment, this experience, this now.

Able to tune into any thread or energy, anything or anyone anywhere with the most intricate detail and at the same time hold the vibration of all, no time, simply anything and everything happening in this moment, complete expansion and nothingness, it floods my being, I am it. It is me.

With love and blessings to all, in this moment