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I had an awareness of the void as the feeling of all that is, the feeling of all coming into being from a place of nothingness but I didn't feel the Void in isolation.

At one point I had the feeling of falling and there being nothing else present but of course I was there experiencing that and I contemplated if one feels as though they are falling, there would probably need to be something else to feel that in relation to, otherwise it would be floating, being, no up, no down...??

I have previously felt myself simultaneously as the seed and the oak. Or as a seed of light, expanding infinitely and then retreating back to the seed, in a rhythmic ebb and flow of everything / nothing. And sometimes I feel myself jumping back through lifetimes and experiences, further and further back but never further than the seed, never absolute nothing, which is what I imagine the void to be.

Not that I am particularly seeking this experience but it is an interesting and expansive contemplation and I will hold it in my awareness and see where it wants to go, Thank you x