Such a wonderful experience, Michelle. Your description of it is so personal and touching. I especially related to this part:

I am experiencing full colour and expression, the kiss and embrace of all coming into being and of all simply being. I melt into it, embody it in and through every cell, feeling the blueprint for the universe and all that is first hand in this experience and repeated in every tiny cell of my being… and repeated in and through all beings. 

I slightly shivered at the word "blueprint" as it is a word I also used to describe to myself an impression/discovery while in an expansive experience. During those moments it is so incredibly touching for me to realize that all this that-is knows me so well. Somehow the "knowing" part tends to be the most moving. Perhaps it is the same as you are describing as you being repeated in and through other beings, but just the other way around: the beings are me as I am repeated in them.

Open, you said: 

The way it works for me, is that my consciousness is subtly polarised: a part of it is always looking outwards into the manifest. The other part is always looking inwards into the Void. Hence there is always both.

I think I get what you're saying. What I perceive as the void often springs for me out of a paradox, holding two opposite states at once. It feels like they both get saturated and then suddenly collapse. That creates a ripple in the "reality". I get to reside in that expanding time/space ripple for few seconds. Then, the polarities show up again to collapse and I expand with another ripple. The mind eventually rebuts and kicks in with its attempts to hold on to the experience, bringing back the concepts of time and place. And that's ok.

I've noticed recently that after several of these seconds-long experiences the "reality" feels more synthetic and my energy doesn't want to flow into certain aspects of it (like saying "Happy New Year" feels strange and redundant). So, it feels good to allow the ebb and flow without holding on to any of it. However, it's been getting stronger in the last few weeks and I find myself a bit worried that it is "too strong", that it's going to "do something to me", that I cease to exist as me. I know it's the ego and the fear is just another delusion, but I do struggle and get scared recently. My soul is longing to allow the process, but I sometimes just give up to the fear and feed on sugary food. That surely slows things down, but not by much anymore. 

Anyways, to circle back to your article, I feel I must demolish all old structures to become the true divine architect of my life. No way around it. This is what is being asked now. I will need tons of courage to get through this one! It feels like there is a gigantic wave coming for me and I scramble to remember how to swim. It's in there somewhere, this knowledge, my true nature...