Hi Margaret,

Thank you for putting your experience in words for me - this is exactly how I've been feeling recently. A complete dissolution in an ocean -a dissolution which can only be completed through sacrificing the remnants of the old structures of my old personality.

Open- 'The creative yes means committing to not knowing.' :)

It is not an easy labour, at least for me it isn't. And it's not even a complaint. :) It also feels like going home. (For instance, I have also been experiencing even more frequent synchronicities recently.)

To me, it feels like a landslide - bigger and bigger parts are breaking off to give way to the new(?), eternal aspect/ Self. The 'old king' in me is dying in order for a new king (a new state of consciousness, a new reality) to (re)born. I just rewatched Stanley Kubrick's immortal Spase Odyssey 2001 - here's the ending scene, that is, in my view, completely synonymous with enlightenment. I hope you dont mind me sharing it.