I've been trying to respond to the posts on this forum and each time I sit down and read what's been shared here I experience a swell of very powerful emotions and have to lie down. Open, Mark, Michelle, everyone tuning in (you are totally felt)... you have been so incredibly helpful for me in the last few days. 

Open, you said:

Yes, surrender into it Margaret - as you know, it's the only way to go. The only way out is through. You know you have what it takes, and the timing is right.

It's hard to express what the energy behind those words did to me (and still doing). The last 2 days have been rich in... obliteration of what doesn't serve me anymore. Some Sirius karma came on in full bloom and I've been letting go of that the whole evening tonight. 

I wish to express more to you, Michelle and Mark as you connected me with something so important within. At this moment, I literally have to lie down and chill.  

I have created a lovely playlist that's been supporting me in this current ride. It's called "Vapour" and if you are curious, you can find it on my sound cloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/user-560978214

In gratitude <3