It is hard to put it all in words what I am experiencing but when the subject of Sirius came up from Margaret's last post, I decided to write something.  I am sitting at WholeFoods because for the last couple of days my home internet connection went down and having difficulty fixing it.  So i have been asking the question of why i manifested it and what do i need to get from the situation.

Following the signs and synchronicity, the subject of seperation (and maybe abandonment) comes up.  As I am typing this a mom with a baby sits next to my table. It is a girl and she is looking at me. She has a pacifier. But going back to the subject, this loss of connection happened  at the time when I am home alone for the last couple of days. My wife/partner left for the Gratitude training course and kids mostly having sleepovers at friends.  What else would they do at the place without internet connection nowdays?

So yesterday while by myself, i picked the Divinicus book and opened at the chapter about the goddess Isis as she represents sacred feminine surrender aspect as well as being part of the Intervention back in Atlantis days. Could i have been part of this in some way? The feeling is subtle, I don't know.

I don't yet get fully why i manifested the situation as it is still in a process but i get a feeling that something is blocking my full reconnection with the Source. The color is red. Sound is alarm. This morning i noticed a red car blocking our power poll (internet cable hooks up there as well). Not sure if this is the reason the cable guy decided to leave.  Just an observation.

I wish i could provide more feedback and reflections on other's posts above but that is all that is coming out right now.  Expression in words is not my strong skill.

With Love,