Sometimes it will seem as if creation is out of your hands in life and yet you are the architect. It's a paradox. We're co-creating with the Universe, and so collective constructs form that embody collective learning karma. So the world is terraforming right now and shifting more to a 3D/5D Hybrid state, where light is breaking in and stirring up the bed of the karmic pond. At some level, you chose to be a part of that; you chose to co-create it for your own learning. It meets your karmic activation requirement.

AND, within that co-creation there is also great freedom of action. Imagine a surfer riding a wave. The wave is moving in a particular way, a particular direction. But the surfer has tremendous freedom of action and expression. He can be victimised by the 'control' of the wave or he can choose to dance on it.

So it is with what's happening around us right now. What wave will you pick up? And how will you dance on it?

This is where you become the divine architect. You've created and chosen a wave that gives you the maximum potential to express all aspects of your being. And remember, the waves are multidimensional - they're informed by the higher dimensions too, especially the 5th, which is very active here at this time.

My encouragement is to let go of the rigid constructs in your life. Allow life to flow more readily, in all aspects, from relationships to jobs to finances to how you generally live. That way you'll breathe new possibility into all that you do.

Here's some inspirational insight into catching 5D waves through your life right now. Be inspired...