Brilliant and love it, thanks open

Infuse positivity in the things you do, it does the shift work as well somehow in unknown ways, there are multiple ways to realign and see what feels right as every soul has a uniqueness and a purpose.

If we even understand that each beautiful soul has its own purpose and therefore respect it, it shall clearly make more sense and make realignment easier in my understanding and to live your own life fully and to enjoy it..

There must have been work done by spiritual masters of the past as well to bring us to this day i verily feel, i think every great work deserves honour (and is never in vain) whether it was before or even now as long as led by the most benevolent intention that I feel is through love

brings me back to Shiva teachings - whenever there is a battle it's never between people, it's always between mentalities and that a battle was always the last resort that too if one was causing harm or brutality to the other and that's where i feel sovereignty was probably misunderstood if at all..Also felt like sharing this from the scriptures that once Kartikay ji (son of lord shiva as also ganesha ji) asks lord shiva that father you tell the same things (knowledge)to both myself and ganesha but somewhere i feel i am not able to take it in the same way as ganesha does and he is in a sort of sad contemplation of it, then lord shiva explains in his own beautiful way and says to him that there is nothing wrong in it, of course i give the same teachings to you both but actually your soul journey is different than that of ganesha, we later see that kartikaye ji is a great warrior adorned by even the devas and he kept everyone safe and ganesha ji is the beautiful lord of Gyan meaning knowledge and who was looked upon as the best to approach for advice especially in difficult situations, thereafter again shiva says that yet with what i tell you all, it's upto you to follow or not, i shall not impose it upon you.......(abridged only from Puran teaching)

what is soul and what is therefore sovereignty is a bigger discipline as well probably therefore difficult to understand as well may be, but again as long as we all respect each others journey, greater harmony is always here.