The biggest challenge for me is dealing with the every day agenda be it shopping, working and other stuff, even meditation may have an agenda of its own when mind gets in a way of what exercise to do next. It is challenging to embody - "I will not do a single thing unless it is coming from my soul"  No agenda feels like freedom but not completely possible for me right now.  I feel there is a way to work through/with agenda and still be able to embody great deal of the higher self.  I even feel like it could be fun to bend or ditch the agenda.

Energetically, there seem to be some dissonance through my body.  Strong pressure in the head which seems to be connected somewhere in the back/spine.  Sometimes it feels very strange to be around people or public places when i feel that.  Becomes stronger and distracting when meditating or lying down.  Still integrating from  the La Palma trip.  Sometimes, i feel like i am stuck but guess this is just part of the process.

With Love,