Deep resonance with the sense of disconnection you have felt while with others Rich and in antithesis, the connection while on ones own. I know in my case it is karmic and because of life's flow and increasingly seeing everyone as the manifestation of Spirit, the sense of disconnection has been transmuting into connectivity. When feeling disconnection, unlike you or others who may tend to come out of body, the tendency for me has been to come into my body fully, into the pain of disconnection, not even observe the outer, and at least in the past, get locked/stuck in there because paradoxically it/the separation from out there felt connected and somehow comfortable.

I love what you say Sascha that the sufferings are an integral part of the journey. And so is disconnection and feelings of separation. I see 'sufferings' as a vibrating, alive experience that I am called to allow it to flow through me. Some 'sufferings' are stickier than others depending on karmic conditioning but the allowing to just be and expanding around the 'suffering' while it is there is the ground where transmutation - the Natural, Universal Law of change as Open describes - takes place. And Sascha, I LOVE this:

So when I'm in uncomfortable situations, physical stress, pain, boredom etc. I fully feel into my body, seeing all this as experiences of my souls journey and at times when I widen my view, meaning seeing the bigger picture I slightly get a little smile on my lips. :-)

So, to me, if agenda is happening in the moment because there is intention, then the invitation is to expand around it and see what it wants to become. I also have felt that 'trying to live without any agenda' is itself an agenda. The Form (Agenda) and the Formless (Free flow). One or the other?? What if the invitation is to drop fixations to one or the other?? And to allow deeper connection and trust to arise...

Wise Love x