Hi all,

Thanks for the lovely messages.

Margaret - I feel your connection here, thank you. It's not so much of a 'too much to bear' feeling but more of a disengaging from the the outside - kind of like, 'f@#k this!' It feels a bit like being a sulky teenager ;) There's also quite a connection between this and separating with my partner - I certainly observe a need triggering for a 'special someone' - still, I'm in exactly the right scenario to work with that now.

Jennaya - I feel you with that one. I have often felt this dissonance with, on one hand a desire to connect with people, and on the other hand a deeper, more soul lead feeling to be more in myself. When you said it felt like dying for you, could it be some kind of identity that was dying?

Aspasia - Lovely to hear from you. Yes, it's funny that the feeling of lonliness is not really there when being alone - perhaps the separation of relativity is just much more noticeable when around other people. I do resonate with what you're saying about staying in the body too. For me it's like a 'safe place' which always feels right even during times of great pain.