Thank you for your support Open! I really get the feeling now of what you always meant by "soul gold retrieval". I'm sure much will happen until we meet again, so I will continue reading your posts, as every day... Smliing

I really appreciate your response Aspasia. Your words give me a warm and supported feeling! What really gets me is this:

I also have felt that 'trying to live without any agenda' is itself an agenda. The Form (Agenda) and the Formless (Free flow). One or the other?? What if the invitation is to drop fixations to one or the other?? And to allow deeper connection and trust to arise...

After some inner inquiring I come to a similar answer... From everyday observation, there is actually no right or wrong, but always a synthesis of both. I'm thinking of the "rise up and fall down" again. There must be a individual balance in everything! How can God be one but not the other, when we are meant to realise him holistically in creation? So I better see my "negative" behaviours as part of me. SURE! On the one hand they contain some truth to be realised, pointing me where I should put my awareness on to work on it, but on the other hand I really see it now as something humans just have. We are not perfect, but individuals, with corners and edges! For example I just do like to eat a lot, it's more like still holding a balance, watching for attachments and experience the enjoyment, than just dropping it as something "false" or "ungodly". I really feel that we must live our individuality, the souls as well as the one our ego expresses. So both will come to a divine union.

It really helped me realising this, as you mentioned it. Thank you warmly!Heart

Often there is the knowledge inside but I need someone to kick them out into the world of words... :-)

I wish you all a wonderful day! The Sun Emoji