Hi Jen,

Thanks for your contribution - it raised a very important point on the path - that of obsessing on aesthetic beauty and the challenges of "glamour". You said...

I have a deep appreciation for aesthetic appeal-and do find I am pretty particular about environments and appearance. Some of this I feel is part of a love and appreciation of beauty, texture, fragrance, overall vibe and that becomes obsession with specific details and inflexibility.

I've noticed personally too, that in the dense 3D environment, it's very easy to embody filters that tend to have an appreciation for what might be considered 'beautiful' form. I believe there's a truth in appreciating the natural beauty in things - of course, yes. But it's very easy to fixate on mainly the 5 senses. I can clearly see that some souls, for example, chose limitation - or distortion of physical form - so as to bring internal attention and external expression of the soul's innate qualities. So personally, I find it essential to work to appreciate the sense of the soul first. That way, I find there's less of a tendency to fixate on the physical (but to enjoy it too!).


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