Hi hi!


My inquiry lately is a whole plethora of things!


Mostly random yet it seems to me how when I step back I can see how the random ties the connections within.

Such as: I was musing about how feral inside I felt I used to be . Basic auto pilot protector/guardian mode - don't cross her path unless your supposed to person.


I mused about this because my intuition is almost if not always on high alert, and I just knew something was about to happen to a wolf pack in my state. I even knew where to look, what website to go to. I read how a rancher was petitioning for the culling of a pack because they unfortunately feasted on three of his calves. They did so to ensure their pregnant female was well fed I suppose. The rancher's request was approved, a male and female were culled. I cant lie, I almost nearly lost my sh.. Not only were they wolves, a lifelong deeply personal thang of mine, but this took place in an area very dear to me. As I stood in my minds eye overlooking the entire scene, the absolute spectrum of it all I heard a whisper. Its just a view, another story. Nothing about it to me is alright, yet the rancher does what the rancher does. I would consider it an honor to feed any wild animal, he perhaps only wants to feed his cows.

I can choose not to interject my way onto him. Why should I?! I dislike being interjected upon, therefore interjection within itself must just be understood and filed away as just another interjection LOL!


Well, I cant describe how absolutely good that feels to just be able to understand that and completely free of that interjection. Its a theme as well lately that I must of chose somewhere along the way to understand the entirety of. Now I just feel peaceful about it and am praying the wolves go up the canyon and away from humanity instead of seeking food sources in the valley.


Then I mused about how perhaps I should of prayed for intelligence for myself instead of mass amounts of wisdom, then at the very least I would of understood some things better and not felt to be the daft twin of stupid! I wouldn't be going around half the time throwing my hands up in the air, thinking what the what is happening here and in turn running to a minds eye cave in search of understanding. Yet even that is just another view and not to be taken as anything but humorous :)


Now if only I could just keep my mind from wandering off constantly, it feels like its been ages since I just sat down and read a book. I used to read like 3 or 4 at a time. Yet lately I cant even get passed a paragraph before feeling like I'm getting pulled away. Makes me feel like those quiet times were the days huh!!! I suppose I need to just work on being very grounded so no one or no thing can pull me away from my task at hand.. Unless of course they are in extreme danger, then just yell help or pound on the walls hahahaha!

Or so that's what I'm telling all my friends and family.


I pray you all have peacefully ending inquiries :)