Dear Wyndé, dear all,

i feel for you, the injustice done to animals is something i witness regularly living here in Mali. The case of the wolves sounds pretty clear, however i have found myself wondering (in the case of the neighbours dog and donkey) for what reason the animals themselves do need this experience and consequently attract situations that are then interpreted in a negative way? Food for thought ...

The wandering mind is another reflection you are bringing up, sometimes feels like as if wanting to be still unleashes a whirlwind of thoughts that are not allowing for real relaxation. I know that the mind needs to be aligned within the experience of the soul, and that is where the path is leading all of us, but sometimes i would just wish to give it all up and have a minute of real calm. 

During the 5Gateways Retreat (thanks Open-What an experience!) we have used this chakra breathing meditation, which i now use daily and which gives me a lot of relieve from my job that is quite busy at the moment. I love it. I can feel the whirlwind settling down in a matter of a few minutes to see again the sun and blue sky.

Many sunny greetings from Mali,