Wow! These photos are truly amazing! Marije, stunning work!

I have definitely fallen in love with the transparent light, the open blue skies and of course Gaia's earthiness manifesting through the 'lady in the mountains' who is holding space for eveyone's rootedness and expansion. Jo and Colin look immersed and becoming one with their resting spaces - so lovely.

Heike's photo gave me a big smile! A queen of the higher planes indeed!

Rich and Jennaya's expressive combat in the sun burning off some karma felt very energising as Im sitting here in a cloudy, cold and overcast day typing this.  And the fruit just looks delicious!

The Sky Dragons shapeshifting into magnificent, snowy beams of light is just dreamlike! Nic and David are beautiful vessels and transmitters. I love how the same 'dragon light energy' is coming through the meditation dome, through the windows and fusing in with everybody.

Keep sailing with those dragons everyone through the inner and outer landscapes. x