The final couple of days here on the La Palma Retreat have all been about 'reclaiming kundalini' in our lives. What do I mean by that?

Imagine inside of you there is a loop of energy flowing down from the source, through your various bodily vehicles of expression (physical, emotional, mental, causal, higher mind, celestial, merkabah - check out this article here... Rise of the Divine Human), then back up to the source again. You could imagine it rather light an electricity mains in a house, circling through all the rooms.

Now in some of these 'rooms', the 'electricity' gets stuck in some 'old appliances', which might have some dodgy cabling. Now the electricity bleeds off into those appliances and diminishes the overall electrical flow. It means we're less empowered, free flowing and creative. Hence it's important to get into those various 'rooms' within and liberate the energy flowing there.

This can be done in meditation. First use the Breakthrough Breathing, (you might already know it as 'dolphin' or 'pranayama' breathing), which attunes the free flowing soul from the source. Then begin to contemplate, each in turn, the various aspects in your life from relationships to careers and past times. As you contemplate them one at a time, feel where you might be tightening down around them - where there might be attachment. Work to let go of the attachment. Once you feel you've managed to do that (at the level you're currently able to be conscious of), then feel the energy flowing back to the source inside of you.

Keep repeating this cycle, until you get the sense of the energy looping through your various bodily vehicles and coming back to you. This will help to progressively strengthen the flow of kundalini energy through you.

So that's what we've been primarily working with on this final chapter of the Retreat, so that people can bring more free flowing creative kundalini into their lives as they begin to contemplate the return to 'the matrix'.

You can read here more about Kundalini and How to Activate it.

Thanks for tuning in everyone. Your presence is joyfully felt!

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