Hi Open,

A quick note from the snowy part of the world:

I just saw your post and it is quite synchronistic. I feel the retreat's energy made a powerful impact on my energy and the process I'm in.

My body is been trying to release some rather substantial attachments for the last 3 days. It's quite a ride and today my willpower buckled slightly under the magnitude of what wants to leave. Here is what's happening: My energy builds up, the distortion/attachment is retracting completely, literally gone, my energy flows back into me and feels great and all is clear, then the thought patterns are trying to establish the distortion again and I'm back to that old attachment, but my body can't tolerate its vibration anymore and reinitiates the energetic purging. 

The energy of your post and knowing that some lovely souls and dear friends have been doing just that, together with me, was really uplifting. The energy impact of this work never ceases to amaze me.

It is always felt: whatever you work through, honour (I always think of Colin when I say this word!), and release is always felt. Your shif is felt by the tiniest creature, by the teen who may be now lifting a blade to hurt her body, the man who lost everything. It is felt. Period. Never underestimate your impact in this shift! It matters so much.