Seven days and a depth of heart felt love that I have never experienced before.  I arrived expecting to go deep and sort out ‘loads of stuff’ but in stead I realized that my heart was bursting with a deep love for everyone in that Round House.  It became apparent that I was not really there for me, I was there for others and as I gave, I received back from all.  My particular trademark is what I call my Belfast Hug and everyone partook!

However, as I released the need to hold my stuff, more came up and up and up and indeed I am continuing to just soften in and release as even more comes up…! 

The combination of just awesome clean energizing food from our German hosts,  a natural earth based energy the likes of which I am totally unaccustomed to and of course the sun made for a week of clearing, cleaning and recharging.

Heart felt thanks to Open for his sensitive guidance and leading, as always, and of course  Marije and Richard for holding us and our spaces and Aspasia for getting us all there. Finally, a deep thank you to my fellow participants for the love you all gave