Thank you, Open, for a deeply inspiring week at the lovely La Palma. You truly embody spiritual work as opposed to religion. I am kind of a skeptic and quite allergic to dogmatic belief systems. However I found none of this sort during the sessions, just pure and powerful work on healing consciousness. Time to let go of my ruminations and start doing the work. I look forward to doing the guided Openhand-meditations on this site, though the resistance is still there. 

Thank you, Rich and Marije for being wonderful facilitators, always with a welcoming smile and words of wisdom. 

And of course a big thanks to the group. What openminded, smiling, pleasant, wise and present people... Deeply touching. I am grateful to you all for getting to know you, and hope and do believe we will meet again at some time. 

The retreat center was lovely with a great atmosphere, and the vegan food absolutely delicious. 

I will certainly attend more Openhand events, the one in Glastonbury is tempting. Obviously a part of me is drawn to the Openhand work and to the kind of people attending them and resonates with it.

I also got a deeper understanding of what the matrix really is at the excursion to La Caldera, and I experienced it brutally staying 3 nights at a tourist luxury hotel near Santa Cruz right after the retreat. I know in which world I truly belong. 

Until next time...